Last updated Dec 3, 2021

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Confluence Cloud Changelog

This page includes release notes and updates for Confluence Cloud app developers. Use this page to keep track of upcoming changes, deprecation notices, new features, and feature updates from Confluence Cloud.

Forge changelog

For updates about changes to the Forge platform, see the Forge changelog in the Forge documentation.

You can also ask questions and learn from other Confluence Cloud developers on the Atlassian Developer Community.

3 December 2021

Announcement Documentation for rotating refresh tokens

We’ve added documentation about:

  • detection of any rotating refresh tokens being reused

  • the absolute lifetime, inactivity lifetime, and leeway of rotating refresh tokens

  • implications of migrating to rotating refresh tokens and rolling back to persistent refresh tokens

  • possible causes of and debugging the 403 Forbidden (invalid_grant) error

2 December 2021

Deprecation Notice AP.navigator.getLocation contentId value changing from number to string

The context.contentId property of AP.navigator.getLocation (see Navigator.getLocation) is changing from a number to a string.

This is because Confluence contentIds can be up to 64 bits (a long), which is larger than what can be represented in a JavaScript number (53 bits of integer precision). We recently started seeing very large contentIds for certain customers, above the threshold of what JavaScript can store accurately in a number, so we are switching to using a string so all values can be stored safely.

For full details, see the announcement post:

30 November 2021

Added Adding ability to retrieve time zone for user entity

We have added the ability to retrieve user’s time zone to all the REST APIs which retrieve user profile information.

If the user has set up a time zone, it will be retrieved from the user profile, otherwise it will default to the tenant time zone.

user with time zone

"timeZone": "US/Pacific"

user without time zone

"timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles" (default to tenant time zone)

25 November 2021

Announcement Updated deprecation date for persistent refresh tokens

We previously announced the deprecation date of persistent refresh tokens as 30 November 2021.

We’ve updated this deprecation date to be 31 January 2022 instead.

2 November 2021

Announcement Reuse detection interval for rotating refresh tokens

We’ve updated the leeway or reuse detection interval of rotating refresh tokens, from three seconds to 10 minutes.

1 November 2021

Added Support for migrating Connect app listings and installations to Forge

You can now migrate your Connect app listing and installations to Forge. Navigate to the management view of your Marketplace listing, then select a Forge app with a matching app.connect.key as the new version.

Admins of sites that use your app’s Connect version will be prompted to update to the Forge version (in the “Manage Apps” screen). When they accept, the installation will be replaced by the Forge version.

You can request a staged rollout of the upgrade by raising a Marketplace support ticket listing which sites see the upgrade.

See Migrate an app from Connect to Forge for more information on how to migrate your app (including known issues and limitations with doing so). Then, see Listing a Forge successor to a Connect app for information on how to update your listing with a migrated app.

14 October 2021

Added Display conditions for Confluence byline item module

Display conditions are now available for the Confluence byline item module. Using display conditions, you can control the visibility of your app modules in the UI. See the display conditions reference documentation for more details.

Run npm install -g @forge/cli@latest on the command line to install the latest CLI version with linting for display conditions.

12 October 2021

Fixed Fixing Connect AP.confluence.getMacroBody for dynamic content macro with plain-text body type

Within the Fabric Editor in preview mode, a dynamic content macro with the plain-text body type will be updated with a new body value.

The change is related to API

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4 October 2021

Added Confluence space settings navigation is getting an update

The appearance of Confluence space settings is changing. Any apps living in space settings will use the new navigation pattern.

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1 October 2021

Announcement New structure of modules and UI kit components reference documentation

We’ve restructured the Modules and UI kit components reference documentation, to make it easier to navigate and consume content.

27 September 2021

Deprecation Notice Use groupId instead of groupName to identify groups

Group names will no longer be immutable after March 27, 2022

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15 September 2021

Removed Removal of 'use-400-error-response' parameter from Add labels to content endpoint

We have removed the use-400-error-response parameter from the Add labels to content endpoint. Given the previous removal of the 500 status response, this parameter is now redundant and unused.

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7 September 2021

Removed Removal of 500 status response from Add labels to content endpoint

We have removed the 500 status response from the Add labels to content endpoint. The deprecation period for this response has passed.

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Added New fields added to 'page_copied' webhook payload

We have added two new fields to the page_copied webhook payload: origin and destination, which contain data for the the original page and newly-created page, respectively.

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4 August 2021

Deprecation Notice Deprecation of persistent refresh tokens for OAuth 2.0 integrations

From 4th August 2021, persistent refresh tokens are deprecated. All new OAuth 2.0 integrations use rotating refresh tokens.

During the deprecation window, you’ll be able to switch between both refresh token behaviors in the developer console.

From 31st January 2022, all OAuth 2.0 integrations must use rotating refresh tokens and the refresh token options in the developer console are removed.

Learn more about this change and chat with us on the developer community post.