Last updated Feb 23, 2021

Forge deprecation policy

Effective starting: February 2, 2023

Publicly accessible and fully supported functionality on the Forge platform must be given reasonable notice of deprecation. Deprecated functionality in the cloud environment MUST be available in its original form for at least six months unless Atlassian determines there are critical security vulnerabilities, critical reliability issues, or data integrity issues.

Deprecation notices are announced through the Forge changelog.

GA feature deprecation

Features released under GA are subject to a 6-month deprecation period.

Preview feature deprecation

A Forge feature is in preview once it is in the final stages of being released with full support. We make preview features available for testing and integration prior to GA release.

Preview features are subject to a minimum deprecation period of 1 month. A longer deprecation period (typically 3 months) may be provided if there are no operational risks to doing so.

Refer to Preview features for related information.

No deprecation for EAP features

Some features are released as part of the Forge Early Access Program (EAP). This program allows Forge users to provide feedback on features that are currently under active development.

EAP features are not subject to any deprecation period; as such, these features can be changed or ended without notice. EAP features are not supported or recommended for use in production environments.

Refer to Forge Early Access Program (EAP) for related information.

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