Last updated Sep 29, 2023

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Atlassian developer changelog

This page contains announcements and updates for developers from various products, platforms, and programs across Atlassian. It includes filter controls to make it easier to only see updates relevant to you.

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29 September 2023

Added Forge issue context now supports dynamic properties

Forge - Jira Cloud Platform (excludes Jira REST APIs)
Forge - JSM Cloud (excludes JSM REST APIs)
Forge - Jira Software Cloud (excludes JSW REST APIs)

The issue context Forge module now allows you to use dynamic properties to set a dynamic status value.

This feature was previously available for issue glances, which will get deprecated on Oct 6, 2023.

28 September 2023

Announcement Multi-User app ownership is now available (preview)

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

We’re pleased to announce the preview release of Multi-User App Ownership. You can now manage app contributors and configure roles for contributors in the developer console. This feature will be available to all existing and new apps by default.

If you have any feedback you’d like to share with us, please use the “Give feedback” button at the top right-hand side of the developer console.

27 September 2023

Removed Contributor management commands removed from Forge CLI

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

The forge contributors commands have been removed from the Forge CLI, beginning in version 6.18.0.

These CLI commands are part of the Multi-user App Ownership (MUAO) feature, currently in early access.

You should now use the developer console to manage contributors for your app.

Added Tunnel sessions can now use Ngrok credentials

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

You can now specify an Ngrok agent configuration file for your tunnel session through the forge tunnel --ngrok-config <path> option. This lets you to inject your Ngrok credentials in your session, helping you avoid many issues with anonymous sessions, such as unexpected timeouts and limits on the number of simultaneous connections. See for more information.

We are continuing to evaluate improvements to tunnelling through the @forge/cli including our dependency on Ngrok.

Added Adding Jira issue type events

Forge - Jira Cloud Platform (excludes Jira REST APIs)

We’re happy to introduce new Jira issue type events into Forge. Your Forge apps can now listen to these events to be notified when a new Jira issue type is created or updated.

26 September 2023

Announcement Bitbucket integration (EAP)

Forge - Bitbucket (excludes Bitbucket REST APIs)

We're working on enabling developers to build Bitbucket apps on Forge. In line with this, we're launching this Bitbucket integration under Forge's Early Access Program (EAP) through a series of modules, events, and APIs.

You can start using these capabilities to build apps and deploy them to any environment (including PRODUCTION). Like all EAP features, these capabilities are still under active development, and as such are not supported. We strongly recommend that you exercise caution in deploying and using Bitbucket apps outside of test workspaces.

Forge apps can’t be installed on personal workspaces. You’ll have to install them on a shared Bitbucket team workspace.

More details


  • We don’t have any Forge app templates yet for Bitbucket.

  • The forge lint --fix command can't apply scopes required any Bitbucket APIs called by your app.

  • You can’t use the developer console to distribute apps built through Forge.

We’re working on addressing these limitations for our Preview release. If we fix them before then, we’ll announce it through the Forge changelog.


We also published two tutorials for building Bitbucket apps using these capabilities:


We want to hear about your experience building Bitbucket apps on Forge! To report bugs or provide feedback on these EAP capabilities, visit the Bitbucket Cloud x Forge - EAP community group.

Added UI modifications now support new custom fields

Forge - Jira Cloud Platform (excludes Jira REST APIs)

UI modifications, the Forge module that allows apps to modify fields, now supports the following custom fields on the Global issue create modal:

  • url

  • date picker

For more information, see the list of supported fields.

Added `license` property in context object returns additional license information

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)
Forge - Jira Cloud Platform (excludes Jira REST APIs)
Forge - Confluence Cloud (excludes Confluence REST APIs)

The license object returned by view.getContext() in Custom UI and useProductContext() in UI Kit now returns additional properties with relevant license information. This is only present for paid apps in the production environment. More details of what is accessible from the license object can be found here.

25 September 2023

Added Introducing Bulk edit dashboards API

REST API - Jira Cloud Platform

This API will help you to:

  • Change owner

  • Change permissions

  • Add permissions, and

  • Remove permissions

Learn more and make your first request to Bulk edit dashboards API.

This API is currently experimental and can change without any prior deprecation notice. Please be aware of this before using it in business critical applications.

22 September 2023

Announcement Temporary transaction data delay and limitations in Marketplace Portal starting September 30th(Sat) till October 8th(Sun)

Marketplace Platform

Atlassian is planning to transition off of the current Core Financials platform and onto another during the week of September 30th. While there are no major changes for Partners to note, we want to provide notice that there will be temporary limitations this week including:

  • Transaction data that typically populates in the Reports → Transaction tab and the Transactions APIs will be delayed for partners to view. After that week, the data will continue to populate reports as normal with the correct sequencing and time stamps

  • New vendor creation flow will be suspended 

  • No modifications can be made under the “Details” section on the partner account. This means that no edits with respect to vendor-related data like contact and support information can be made

  • No changes can be made under the “Payments” section on the partner account. Updates related to vendor billing information will be restricted

:light_bulb_on: The Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) is the back-end platform where invoices are generated. Once billing details and invoices are created, they are sent to the Marketplace Portal reports and APIs for Partners to view.

You can find more details on this partner portal article.

Announcement Changes to the Base URL for Connect apps will trigger a re-review process

Marketplace Platform

As of Sep 22, 2023, the review process for Connect Apps has been updated. Changes to the Base URL now trigger a re-review of Connect apps to ensure safe handling of customer data and prevent security threats.

Base URL modifications now require an app approval process to confirm that the change is made by the relevant Marketplace Partner.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we prioritize providing a secure platform for all users.

21 September 2023

Added New screen tabs API: get bulk screen tabs

REST API - Jira Cloud Platform

We’ve added a new screen tabs API to Jira Cloud Platform. The get bulk screen tabs API allows you to get tabs from multiple screens, filtered by tab ID and/or screen ID. Follow the link for detailed documentation.

20 September 2023

Announcement Introducing Two Step Verification for Marketplace Partners

Marketplace Platform

We are thrilled to announce the successful implementation of Two-Step Verification (2SV) authentication for our Partners in Atlassian Marketplace! This milestone marks a step forward in fortifying our security measures and ensuring the safety of our platform. With 2SV, our partners now have an additional layer of protection, safeguarding their accounts and critical information.

Read more here -

Announcement Revised Date for SEN Replacement on Marketplace Partner Reporting APIs: November 30, 2023

Marketplace Platform

In alignment with our previous changelog regarding the deprecation of SEN fields in partner reporting, the originally scheduled deprecation date was October 13, 2023. We are now extending the SEN replacement period by an additional month and a half to accommodate partners who are in the midst of migrating to the new fields. Instead of the SEN replacement taking effect on October 13, 2023, the new date for this change is November 30, 2023. This extension applies specifically to the removal of three fields from the License and Transaction APIs for cloud licenses, as these fields have already been replaced on the new billing engine for cloud apps.

For more detailed information, please refer to this partner portal article.

Added Asynchronous Export for Licenses and Transaction Data

Marketplace Platform

We are pleased to announce that the new asynchronous exports for licenses and transactions are now generally available.

The current synchronous APIs for exporting licenses and transactions result in timeout errors when processing large datasets. We understand that this has made it challenging for some partners to retrieve the data they need.

To mitigate this issue, we are introducing asynchronous export APIs which:

  • Improve the reliability of large exports by reducing timeouts

  • Improve export generation time by generating them asynchronously (as well as allow room for other non-export APIs to work without being constrained)

Partners can refer to DAC for guidance on utilizing the new async APIs for exporting data. The following links provide information on how to use these APIs:

License asynchronous APIs:

  1. Initiate export

  2. Get status

  3. Download

Transaction asynchronous APIs:

  1. Initiate export

  2. Get status

  3. Download

Please note that we will maintain both async and sync APIs for licenses or transactions until the end of June 2024. After that, the sync APIs will be deprecated.

Access the Quick Reference Guide here for more information.

EDIT 1, 25 Sep, 2023: This changelog entry has been updated to correct the API for initiating export.

More details

To enable this we are providing 3 new APIs for each of licenses, and transactions, that are:

  1. Initiate an export → POST /../async/export

  2. Share the status of an export (this API is optional for use) → GET /../export/{exportId}/status

  3. Download the export → GET /../export/{exportId}

Client Workflow for asynchronous exports

Client → POST /../async/export → Export initiated, response contains the exportId

Client → GET /../export/{exportId} → Export not yet Ready for download
…[client polls until export is generated or can check the status GET /../export/{exportId}/status]…
Client → GET /../export/{exportId}:check_mark: Data