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20 June 2024

Announcement Jira admin webhooks limit not being introduced

REST API - Jira Cloud Platform

Some time ago, we announced the introduction of a Jira admin webhooks limit, believing it to be a step in the right direction regarding the scalability and reliability of Jira webhooks.

However, after doing more in-depth research, we decided that we can't introduce this limit today. The customer impact would be too big, as we have identified third-party software integrating with Jira through admin webhooks.

Therefore, we're withdrawing the previous announcement and going back to the drawing board. We'll continue working until we find a solution that's satisfactory for everyone involved, especially our customers and partners.

We still strongly suggest that you keep the number of webhooks on your instance under 100, even if there’s no hard limit yet.

In the future, we'll announce any changes as far ahead of time as possible.

Added Increase in the limit of app installations when viewing logs

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

Previously, you could only view logs for a maximum of 400 app installations. We’ve now increased this from 400 to 3500 app installations.

This upgrade is only available for the new experience of viewing app logs. The previous experience still has the maximum limit of 400 app installations.

Added Export functionality added for Forge Macros built with UI Kit 2 and Custom UI

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

Functionality to export Forge Macros built with UI Kit 2 and Custom UI has been added via the adfExport property of the macro module. See the macro module documentation and associated tutorial for instructions on how to utilize the new property.

19 June 2024

Deprecation Notice Updating the ordering of worklogs in get issue API

REST API - Jira Cloud Platform

Currently, get issue API returns the first 20 worklogs by created date. After 19 December, 2024 the first 20 worklogs will be returned by start date.

This will also affect how worklogs are returned in search for issues using JQL GET and POST API.

More details

If the change in the order of worklogs does not affect you, then you do not need to make any changes to your app.

For consumers who call get issue API to obtain the first 20 worklogs by created date, the get issue worklogs API will continue to return worklogs by created date.

Need help

If you need help with this change, ask in the Jira Cloud Development forum in the Developer Community.

18 June 2024

Deprecation Notice Edit issue metadata API to respect parent field screen configuration

REST API - Jira Cloud Platform

For issues in company-managed projects, the edit issue metadata REST API will usually only return fields that are configured in the screen for the edit issue operation. The parent field presently doesn’t follow this rule, and is always returned regardless of screen configuration.

What’s changing?

Soon, the edit issue metadata REST API will be changed for company-managed projects so that the parent field will only be returned in the response if the parent field is in the screen associated with the edit issue operation. The issue view experience will also be updated so that the parent field is only editable when it's on the screen associated with the edit operation. You can find more details here.

We’re aware that some customers currently rely on being able to edit the parent field regardless of their screen configuration. To ensure that these customers can continue to do so, the field will be added to the screen configured for the edit issue operation. Jira administrators can then remove the parent field from the edit issue operation screen if they wish to restrict its editing.

This change will be effective from Sep 18, 2024.

Announcement Discontinuing access for the preview API for improved distributions data

Marketplace Platform

Starting from Jun 18, 2024, Marketplace will discontinue access to the preview API for improved distributions data.

We are now preparing to make the improved distributions data generally available to all the partners from Jun 24, 2024 via the partner metrics API. We will soon be updating our documentation with details on how to access this data.

To reiterate, as announced earlier, we have been working on enhancing distributions (active installation and user counts) data. We have made improvements to the way we provide and calculate the distributions (installation and user counts) for various aggregations. Along with that, we have also reduced the latency of retrieving this data from one week to one day. This data was currently being served.

We will be updating our partners again on Jun 24, 2024 with more details on how to access this improved data.

17 June 2024

Announcement Bitbucket 8.19.5 and 8.9.16 releases available now

Bitbucket Data Center

The bug fix releases for Bitbucket Data Center 8.19.5 and Bitbucket Data Center and Server 8.9.16 are available now!

To see the issues resolved in these bug fix releases, go to:

Get the latest LTS bug fix release

Early Access Frame component EAP

Forge - Jira Software Cloud (excludes JSW REST APIs)
Forge - Confluence Cloud (excludes Confluence REST APIs)

The Frame component is now in Early Access Program (EAP).  Frame allows you to load custom resources within UI Kit, making it easy to import non-UI Kit components in a UI Kit module.

To start using this EAP, sign up using the Forge EAP recruitment form.

For more information about how to use the Frame component, see here.  

14 June 2024

Announcement V2 cursor based requests will start to return partial results sets

REST API - Confluence Cloud

The cursor paginated-based endpoints in the V2 APIs will begin to return partial results for the requested number of items instead of returning nothing or returning an error. This will take affect on October 14, 2024.

Added Added environment variable parsing to app manifest files

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

We've added environment variable parsing to Forge app manifest.yml files. Manifest field value strings that are either entirely or partially enclosed in ${ and } will be replaced with the corresponding process environment variable.

This will happen before a CLI command is executed. All field and field value validation occurs after the environment variable parsing step, maintaining existing CLI functionality.

For more information, see Environment.

More details

Manifest field value strings that are fully or partially enclosed in ${ and } will be replaced with the corresponding process environment variable. For example, given the following:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... app: id: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/${APP_ID} environment: variables: - APP_ID ...

Running forge lint will look for the APP_ID process environment variable and replace it inline. So, assuming your process environment has exported the variable APP_ID=1234, the forge lint command will read the manifest as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... app: id: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/1234 environment: variables: - APP_ID ...

Added Introducing Admin Control APIs

REST API - Cloud Admin

These APIs provide a set of rules that apply to a specific area and a particular group. Use these APIs to:

  • Create data security policy

  • Create a data residency policy

  • Specify IP addresses for product access

Explore the APIs

13 June 2024

Deprecation Notice Removing access to Forms data using Jira entity properties API

REST API - Jira Cloud Platform

We’ll soon be removing access to Forms (previously ProForma) data currently stored in entity properties from Issue properties routes and Project properties routes in Jira Cloud platform REST APIs.

We’ll be moving this data and storing it in an alternate location which will enable us to build new functionality, plus increase performance and reliability of Forms.

These changes will be made on or after 5 August 2024.

More details

We anticipate most of the required functionality is available through the Forms REST API that you’ll need to migrate to in order to access this data in future.

Announcement Changing to the way that Power-Ups handle data when removed from a board

Power-Ups - Trello (excludes Trello REST APIs)

While disabling power-up, you can now select Keep all Power-Up data to opt-in to retain the plugin data stored on the board and cards.


More details

Previously, the Disable Power-up dialog defaulted to keeping the users data. Due to security and privacy concerns, we are now changing this functionality. Data will be deleted from active cards on the board immediately, whereas data on archived cards will be deleted asynchronously.

Fixed Forge CLI to bundle modules with multiple entry points of different resource types

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)
Forge - Jira Software Cloud (excludes JSW REST APIs)

We have now fixed the issue where the forge deploy command was unable to bundle the app when entry points are configured with different resource types (Custom UI and UI Kit). This was particularly seen for modules supporting multiple entry points, such as

12 June 2024

Removed Removal of archived apps section from partner profile page

Marketplace Platform

Rollout: progressive rollout by user. in progress

We will be removing the archived apps section from the partner profile pages in the Atlassian Marketplace from Jun 14, 2024. Earlier, only archived server apps were visible in this section. This also aligns with Atlassian’s recent End of Server announcement.

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