Last updated Mar 24, 2023

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Atlassian developer changelog

This page contains announcements and updates for developers from various products, platforms, and programs across Atlassian. It includes filter controls to make it easier to only see updates relevant to you.

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24 March 2023

Announcement Custom field and custom field type modules enter GA

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)
Forge - Jira Cloud Platform (excludes Jira REST APIs)
Forge - JSM Cloud (excludes JSM REST APIs)
Forge - Jira Software Cloud (excludes JSW REST APIs)

We're happy to announce that the custom field and custom field type modules are leaving the Early access program and are becoming generally available. Both modules are ready for production use and we're committed to maintaining them in the current state. We also won’t release any changes that would break backward compatibility without at least six months' notice.

23 March 2023

Announcement Suspend and Restore user access APIs are no longer experimental.

REST API - Cloud Admin

We have removed the experimental flag from the suspend user access and restore user access REST APIs. They will no longer be modified without any prior notice.

22 March 2023

Announcement Suspend and Restore user access APIs have new success responses.

REST API - Cloud Admin

The success status code for the suspend user access and restore user access REST APIs has been changed from 204 (no content) to 200 (Ok).

Responses will now include a JSON body with a message field describing the result of the operation.

21 March 2023

Announcement Advanced notice to update Atlassian Connect Spring Boot based apps to Java 17

Connect - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)
Library - Atlassian Connect Spring Boot

This is an advanced notice that Atlassian Connect Spring Boot (ACSB) will be updated to Spring Boot 3.x which requires Java 17. If you have an app based on ACSB, it is advised to start upgrading to Java 17 now.

More details

Currently Atlassian Connect Spring Boot version 3.0.x is built with Spring Boot version 2.7.6. The 2.7.x version of Spring Boot will be end of lifed (EOLd) by November 18th 2023. Prior to this date a release of Atlassian Connect Spring Boot will be made available which will be built against Spring Boot 3.x. By September 18th we will publish a release of Atlassian Connect Spring Boot, which will be built against Spring Boot 3.x. A deprecation notice will be posted in advance to advise on this.

There are some important dependencies which flow from this change, which your app will need to consider. We suggest you read the announcement at

Foremost among these changes will the requirement to build your app with Java 17. This is something you can start working on now, even while using the current version of ACSB and Spring Boot.

Added Introducing Delete account API

REST API - Cloud Admin

This API deletes a managed account and withdraws complete access for the user to the products after the 14-day grace period.

Delete a managed account with three simple steps:

  • Get AccountID

  • Create an API Key

  • Delete managed account

Learn more and make your first request to delete a managed account.

This API is currently experimental and can change without any prior deprecation notice. Please be aware of this before using it in business critical applications.

17 March 2023

Announcement Enhancements to report visualization

Marketplace Platform

We have redesigned reports with a fresh look in response to the ongoing feedback and your concerns from the last rollout. The new design updates the UI to be more consistent with other Atlassian products while maintaining the familiarity of the existing workflows.

Not part of this redesign:

  • One piece of feedback we received during the first launch was to enable sorting in the Transactions/Licenses/Feedback Details tables. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate this request in the upcoming rollout. We’ll try to consider this in the next round of improvements.

  • For this release, the major emphasis is on optimizing the desktop experience while keeping the mobile platform’s functionalities similar.

Release timelines & roll-out plan

We are rolling out the new experience progressively on an opt-in basis. Partners will have the choice to enable the new experience via two in-product touch-points. They can either do this through a dismissible messaging card at the top of the reports page or through a fixed CTA located in the left navigation of the existing report.

The new experience will remain optional until June 30th, 2023. This will give partners the opportunity to use, compare, become accustomed to, and offer feedback on the new experience. Following the trial period, it will become the default experience for all partners.

More details

Here are some of the key highlights of the new design:

  1. Onboarding experience:
    We have designed an intuitive onboarding experience to help partners smoothly transition to the new experience. During the trial period, partners can switch back and forth between the two at any time.

  2. End-to-end interface:
    Partners now have access to the entire screen to view insights thanks to the end-to-end interface.

  3. Hierarchy in navigation and page structure:
    We’re retaining and enhancing the information hierarchy of the page layout.

  4. Retaining & enhancing filter usage & functionalities:
    a. In the first launch, we missed the multi-selection functionality of filters. We’re adding it in this release.
    b. We're moving “App & Hosting type” out of the “More filters” bucket. This is to make the most commonly used filters easier to find and use. We will update the popular filters in accordance with usage data in the future.

  5. Progressive disclosure of information:
    Partners can learn more about a specific license/transaction using an accordion (expand/collapse) interaction, similar to the current workflow. By clicking on “More details”, they can access all the relevant information about the license/transaction in a new tab.

  6. More clarity & structure to charts:
    The introduction of titles to charts boosts the clarity and readability of data. We’re also including legends at the bottom of the charts for visual reference. We’ve also made overall visual improvements to the charts.

  7. Accessibility-compliant colors for charts:
    We’re ensuring that the colors used in charts follow accessibility standards and provide at least a 3:1 contrast ratio against a light background.

  8. Improved Overview section:

    1. We’ve added “Total value” to the overview, for example, All sales/Evaluations/Feedback.

    2. There’s now a summary line at the top of the overview section. We also made the tone more conversational throughout the experience.

  9. Persistent feedback loop:
    We're including a feedback section at the bottom of every report page to get ongoing feedback.

  10. Table pagination:
    By default, tables will have a maximum of 50 rows. If there are more than 50 rows, pagination will be enabled.

Announcement Data residency UI customer beta is coming soon

Connect - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

From March 29, 2023 we will be introducing a new UI for app data residency which will display app data residency options on This functionality will be tagged with a ‘beta’ label.

For more information about how to support data residency in Connect, refer to our developer documentation regarding data residency and realm migrations.

Added Added PATCH API for Privacy & Security tab responses

Marketplace Platform

We have added a new PATCH API to help partners submit edits to Privacy & Security tab responses.

More details

See updated documentation for the Privacy & Security tab API here.

Fixed Updated 2 Privacy & Security tab questions to reflect Not Applicable status

Marketplace Platform

We have added a “Not Applicable” response to the Data Residency questions on the Privacy & Security tab, and made the disk encryption question conditional so that apps that do not store End User Data do not need to respond.

More details

Based on partner feedback, we’ve updated the following questions to reflect a “not applicable” state for apps that do not store data:

  • “Does your app support data residency options?”

    • These questions have been updated to include the following additional response option: “Not Applicable — app does not store End User Data.”

  • “Does your app use full disk encryption at-rest for End-User Data stored outside of Atlassian or the users’s browser?

    • This has been updated to not show for partners who respond “No” to the question “Does your app store End-User Data outside of Atlassian products and services?” regardless of an app’s data processing practices. Previously, this question showed up for apps where the response for storage was “No” but the response for data processing was “Yes”.

You can read more about this change and ask any follow-up questions here.

15 March 2023

Added Introducing Get user’s last active date API

REST API - Cloud Admin

Get the last active date of a user for all the products in the organization. This includes all actions executed on the product UI.

Get user’s last active date with three simple steps:

  • Get AccountID

  • Create an API Key

  • Get user’s last active date

Learn more and make your first request to get user’s last active date API

This API is currently experimental and can change without any prior deprecation notice. Please be aware of this before using it in business critical applications.

Added New details in the "Storing user personal data for your apps" of the user privacy guides

REST API - Jira Cloud Platform
REST API - Confluence Cloud

The Store personal data in locations with restricted access and Use a location with permanent access paragraphs have been added to provide additional clarifications about the requirements when storing user personal data.

These have been added to the Jira and Confluence guides.

13 March 2023

Removed We're removing deprecated Jira Cloud download attachment and thumbnail URLs

REST API - Jira Cloud Platform

Legacy Jira download attachment and thumbnail APIs will be removed. Please migrate to the corresponding APIs.

This may impact the ability to download attachments from email notifications sent before the transition period.

More details

This change is related to The deprecation notice for this was posted four months ago:

Existing email attachments will reference the legacy API endpoints and may break once these have been removed. Customers are encouraged to download their attachments in advance or navigate directly to the relevant issue to download them.

The migration details are:


Deprecated endpoint

New endpoint

Get attachment content - Jira



Get attachment content - JSM



Get thumbnail content - Jira



Get thumbnail content - JSM



10 March 2023

Announcement 2 new pre-migration app checks now available in CCMA v3.4.3 and above

App Migration Platform

We are excited to announce following 2 new app related pre-migrations checks in CCMA v3.4.3 and above. Customers will be able to proceed with the migration if any of this check fails.

1. Cloud app license check

This pre-migration check verifies that all apps participating in the migration plan have an active cloud app license installed on their cloud site instance. If the license for any of those apps is inactive, customers will be redirected to manage the app license on the cloud site. Free apps will pass the check.

2. Check for apps to verify if apps can receive migration notification

This pre-migration check verifies all apps participating in the migration plan are registered to receive migration notifications. This means the check will pass for the apps that have registered a webhook to receive migration events or apps that don’t require them to function. If this check fails, the customer will be directed to the marketplace partner support portal.

Watch the changelog for future updates when this feature will be available for Marketplace Partners in the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA).

You can find more details about Atlassian offered app checks at:

6 March 2023

Announcement Replacement of glances API with expandable API in Jira’s new issue view

Connect - Jira Cloud Platform (excludes Jira REST APIs)
Forge - Jira Cloud Platform (excludes Jira REST APIs)

In the coming days, we’ll be replacing the Jira issue glance module with a new Jira issue context module. This will improve the way apps are displayed in Jira’s new issue view.

The new extension point will be available at the end of March. We recommend watching the Jira changelog on for the official release of the new API (the Issue context module) and the deprecation of the old API.

In the iOS and Android apps, the new module will be available by default. To prevent your app from appearing on mobile, set the jiraNativeAppsEnabled flag to False.

Announcement App vendor checks now enabled for customers in CCMA v3.4.3 and above

App Migration Platform

App vendor checks feature was first introduced in CCMA on 31 January 2023. This is now publicly released to customers from CCMA v3.4.3. This means any checks written and registered by vendor will always run for customers. For now, these checks are non-blocking for customers.

Read our docs for more information on how to build the pre-migration checks and write effective content for the checks.

More details

App vendor check feature allows you to create and run pre-migration checks for your customer’s app migration. This feature of the Cloud Migration Assistant allows you to:

  • detect and warn your customers about any issues that can affect their app migration

  • guide them to resolve potential pre-migration issues