Last updated Nov 29, 2023

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Atlassian developer changelog

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29 November 2023

Announcement Six new regions coming soon for Connect data residency

Connect - Jira Cloud Platform (excludes Jira REST APIs)
Connect - JSM Cloud (excludes JSM REST APIs)
Connect - Jira Software Cloud (excludes JSW REST APIs)
Connect - Confluence Cloud (excludes Confluence REST APIs)

The following new regions are coming soon as part of Atlassian’s Data Residency solution, and by extension will be available for partners to support for Connect apps:

  • India (IN)

  • South Korea (KR)

  • Brazil (BR)

  • Japan (JP)

  • Switzerland (CH)

  • UK (GB)

You can find instructions on implementing data residency here.

Keep an eye out in the new year for an announcement that the regions are available for apps.

28 November 2023

Deprecation Notice Deprecation of Older Marketplace Reporting UI

Marketplace Platform

Reminder to partners: The older Marketplace reporting UI will be deprecated on Nov 30, 2023. From Dec 1, 2023, partners should use the new enhanced Marketplace reporting UI.

On Sep 1, 2023, we announced the deprecation and indicated that partners would have a 90-day window to make the transition to the new reporting UI.

We are coming to the end of that 90-day window and will be moving away from the older UI soon. The rollout of the new UI to all partners was completed on Nov 1, 2023. We request that all partners start using the new enhanced UI for a smooth experience.

For more information and updates, you can visit the quick reference guide.

Announcement Bitbucket Data Center 8.16 is here!

Bitbucket Data Center

Bitbucket Data Center 8.16 is available for upgrade! In this release, long awaited dark theme has finally landed in the profile settings of all users. We’ve also added support for HashiCorp Vault and introduced a few security improvements on the back-end.

Learn more about the new features in the release notes

Announcement Bitbucket Data Center now supports dark theme

Bitbucket Data Center

Bitbucket Data Center 8.16 is introducing dark theme! Every user can set it up in their profile and enjoy the new experience with visual consistency across their work environments, reduced eye strain and distractions, as well as the power-saving choice of personal settings.

More details

Would you like to take a look at dark theme before you set it up? Here’s how your code diff will look:

Announcement EAP of UI modifications on the new Issue transition dialog

Forge - Jira Cloud Platform (excludes Jira REST APIs)

We’re pleased to announce the Early Access Program for UI modifications on the new Issue transition dialog.

It’s the third Jira location to be supported, following the initial support for the Global Issue Create modal and Issue View screen.

Note that this version isn’t ready to be used in production. The purpose of this release is to let you test it and gather feedback. Also note that by opting in to this EAP you’re also agreeing to enable the new Issue transition dialog experience on your instance.

To test the feature in your app, our team needs to enable it for your Jira instance first. To join the EAP and access the documentation, submit a request through the sign-up form.

Announcement Delete group API is no longer experimental

REST API - Cloud Admin

We have removed the experimental flag from the Delete group API. It will no longer be modified without any prior notice.

27 November 2023

Announcement Icons for Bitbucket Forge modules

Forge - Bitbucket (excludes Bitbucket REST APIs)
Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

As part of the Bitbucket integration (EAP) release, you can now set an icon for any module that features an icon property.

See Bitbucket modules to find out which modules support icons.

Added Added new functionality to Imports REST API in Assets


Added externalIds functionality to object schemas, object types and object type attributes. externalIds allows users to assign an Id to an object schema, object type, and object type attribute for future modifications, and as a unique reference in update and mapping requests.

More details

Added extra fields to support:

  1. uniqueness

  2. cardinality

  3. status

  4. externalId

Added a new endpoint which retrieves the JSON provided in the mapping endpoint:

  1. Get /schemaAndMapping

24 November 2023

Announcement Bitbucket apps distribution in developer console

Forge - Bitbucket (excludes Bitbucket REST APIs)
Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

As part of the Bitbucket integration (EAP) release, you can now distribute Bitbucket apps on Forge via the installation link in the developer console. See Distribute your apps for more details.

22 November 2023

Announcement App access rule updates coming soon: expanded customer EAP & partner EAP

Marketplace Platform

In the coming weeks, a new cohort of select customers will get early access to a new data security policy rule limiting app access to content in Confluence spaces.

Marketplace Partners are encouraged to sign up for a partner EAP which will launch later this month. The partner EAP will give you a chance to test out app access rules and the new app access rule API. See how your apps will behave when blocked, and prepare apps for an optimal customer experience.

More details

Data security policies help customers keep their organization’s data secure by letting them govern how users, apps, and people outside of their organization can interact with content such as Confluence pages and Jira issues.

The new app access rule under data security policies allows customers to restrict access for all apps to the Confluence spaces under a given policy. In this way, customers can benefit from apps while still limiting 3rd-party access to certain content in select spaces.

Sign up for the EAP here.

21 November 2023

Added Introducing signing of Connect app installation redirect URIs

Connect - Bitbucket (excludes Bitbucket REST APIs)

We’ve introduced the ability to validate Connect app installation redirect URLs for registered apps. When a redirect_uri parameter is included in an installation link, a jwt parameter containing a JWT token will be added to the URL when the user is redirected upon successful installation.

More details

Why are we making this change?

Signing redirect URIs improves security by allowing developers to ensure authenticity and integrity of redirect requests. The JWT will include a query string hash (QSH) and is signed using the Connect app shared secret.

The QSH hashes the canonical request of the redirect (excluding the jwt URL parameter), and can be used to verify URL parameters haven’t been tampered with. Verifying the JWT signature with your app’s secret will ensure the request originated from Bitbucket Cloud.

Who is affected?

If you're parsing the query parameters on the redirect URI in a such a way that breaks on unexpected parameters, you will need to update your code so that the new jwt parameter is handled or ignored.

To start validating installation redirects, follow the steps in Exposing a service from our authentication documentation.

Fixed Changes to connectModules in Forge minor updates will now be reflected on installed sites

Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

When updating the `connectModules` of your app, changes will now be rolled out to existing install sites, where previously a manual reinstallation was required to see the changes, as per

NOTE: No installation notification will be sent to the connect app server for these minor updates.

20 November 2023

Announcement Enhanced Forge CLI integration for Bitbucket app development

Forge - Bitbucket (excludes Bitbucket REST APIs)
Forge - Core Platform (excludes product REST APIs)

We've improved the Forge CLI to better integrate with Bitbucket app development.

You can now install your app into Bitbucket using the forge install command.

Additionally, we've introduced templates for the currently available Bitbucket modules. These can be used when creating new apps via the forge create command.

Announcement Enhancing Churn Feedback APIs to include new fields, changes in App Names, and feedback from the new billing system

Marketplace Platform

The churn feedback APIs are now improved to provide partners with greater visibility into churn feedback-related data. These improvements include additional fields that will help map licenses with feedback after SEN deprecation for the cloud.

The following improvements will be included in the future data and will also be applied to historical churn feedback.

Churn Feedback APIs

  • App name changes - The addonName field for the feedback events will display the latest name that the app has. Until now, the app name used to be from the time the events were published. If the app name was changed, the feedback events reflected the old name. With the changes, all the feedback events will contain the latest name of the app.

  • Churn feedback from the new billing system -The churn feedback from the sites that were migrated or purchased on the new billing system will also start flowing into the feedback reports, that is, the surface (BAC - Billing And Credit Management of site) on which customers leave feedback when uninstalling the app.

  • Additional fields on churn feedback API -

    • appEntitlementID- A new identifier for the license, for example, "709a7212-3330-4ba6-9785-9804a9983373". This applies to cloud licenses only.

    • appEntitlementNumber - A new customer-facing identifier for this license, for example, "E-123-456-789".

    • cloudId- A unique identifier that represents the cloud site where the app is installed.

More details

API contract with new fields -

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 { "addonKey": "XXX", "addonName": "XXX" "feedbackType": "XXX" ... "appEntitlementId": <string>, <- new field "appEntitlementNumber": <string>, <- new field "cloudId": <string>, <- new field }

How to get started

The newly introduced field information will be accessible through the following Marketplace APIs.

  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/feedback/details

  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/feedback/details/export

  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/feedback/metrics/{metric}

For more information, see the get and aggregated feedback APIs.

Announcement End of purchasing net new apps for Bamboo and Crowd for customers.

Marketplace Platform

End of purchasing net new Server apps for Bamboo and Crowd for customers. (Marketplace Platform)

Customers will no longer be able to purchase new Server licenses for Bamboo and Crowd apps. Instead, customers can purchase new Data Center licenses for Bamboo and Crowd apps going forward.

It’s important to note that customers will still be able to renew their existing Server licenses until Feb 15, 2024. Alternatively, customers can migrate to a new Data Center license at any time.