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Last updatedDec 11, 2020

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The Ecoscanner platform is a platform used for performing security checks against all Marketplace cloud apps on an ongoing basis. This will help us continuously monitor our Marketplace cloud apps for common security vulnerabilities and improve the overall security posture of our ecosystem.

What type of scans will the Ecoscanner Platform run?

Missing Security Requirements

On November 23, 2020, we open sourced a tool called Connect Security Requirements Tester aka CSRT. This tool is built specifically to scan for missing security requirements.

Scan Cadence

00:00 UTC daily

What’s the roadmap/timeline look for the Ecoscanner Rollout?

Please note that we will not start ticketing valid security issues found until after Phase 1 (Jan 2021) is completed.

How will we report these issues so that you can action on them? What are the expectations as far as SLAs of triage and remediation are concerned? Where will these vulnerability tickets get created and how can you access them? We plan to communicate these details in the future and will be updating this page with that information in the future.

We are focusing on Atlassian Connect app scanning first. Our goal is to slowly expand our scanning capabilities over the coming year. We will share these rollout dates as and when we have more clarity but for the immediate future, below are some rough dates of what to expect:

  • Phase 0 - Dec 2020 - we will start scanning Atlassian first party apps or apps built by Atlassian
  • Phase 1 - Jan 2021 - we will start scanning Platinum/Gold/Silver partner apps
  • Phase 2 - March 2021 - we will start scanning all Marketplace cloud apps


Can we have the Ecoscanner scan only our staging environment?

All scanning activity originating from Ecoscanner is supposed to be non-intrusive and very basic so Atlassian will continue to scan the production environment of cloud apps for now. If this changes in the future, we will communicate accordingly.

How do we know if the scan traffic is coming from Atlassian and not from some adversary?

All scan traffic should originate from the below listed IPs


What would the scanning be like? How intrusive? Requests/sec? What kind of requests should we expect to see?

Generally speaking, the more links in your descriptor, the more traffic you will receive. The traffic is very “bursty”. But, some approximate numbers are below:

Initial validation – Max 2 requests

Descriptor scan – Max 6 requests per link

TLS scan – No noticeable traffic at the app-level

Apart from the CSRT scanner, what other types of scanning will happen? Will they be announced and open sourced like CSRT?

As and when we introduce additional scanners, we will follow up with a CDAC post and also update this page. We will treat open sourcing on a case by case basis.

Can we build our own scanner and ask Atlassian to run it for us and for other Marketplace apps?

Yes, absolutely. We would totally love this. You come up with scanners and let us deal with figuring out how to run them at scale against all apps. Please feel free to create a request in ESSD describing the scanner and instructions on how to run it.

What will be the cadence of the scanning? What time/time zone will the scanning occur?

We will keep the scanner sections above updated with their scanning cadence

How will we get notified about the scan results?

We will communicate the vulnerability reporting/notification once we have more information.

Will server/DC apps also get scanned?

As of now, we are not planning to scan server and DC apps. This might change in the future as the Ecoscanner platform becomes more mature.

Can apps opt out of scanning?

Apps CANNOT opt out of scanning at this time.

How do we get in touch or contact Atlassian if the scanning somehow breaks the app? How do I get support wrt the scanning?

We hope this never happens since the scanning is going to be non-intrusive (unless otherwise mentioned). In the odd case when it does end up breaking your app and you want us to look into it, please go ahead and create a request on ESSD.

How do I know the scanner is running? How do I know app X is being scanned?

During our staged rollout, not all apps will be scanned. Once we have fully rolled out EcoScanner, every marketplace app will be scanned on a regular cadence as listed above. If you feel like your app is not being scanned, you are welcome to open a ticket with us to confirm at ESSD.

Why are we not scanning all the security requirements? Out of all the security requirements that will be scanned, which ones will be reported as security vulnerabilities?

We understand it is not practically possible to scan for all the requirements (because of the subjective nature of them that is different for different apps) but there are a handful of requirements that we can scan for. We will NOT be reporting any security vulnerabilities right now. We are going to continuously monitor the platform for any improvements and fine tune it, if necessary. Once we are confident about the quality of findings, we will then begin reporting them as vulnerabilities. More information on this to come at a later date.

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