Last updated Nov 14, 2022

Connect metrics

If your Atlassian account is associated with a partner profile, you can view metrics for all Cloud Fortified Connect apps that belong to that profile in the developer console.

Learn how to Monitor your Connect apps.

When you onboard to the Cloud Fortified Apps Program, we measure the following SLIs for your app:

SLO breach notifications

When you sign up for the Cloud Fortified Apps Program, you provide us with a generic email address that will receive notifications when an SLI breaches its SLO. If your team already uses an alerting or on-call management platform such as Opsgenie, you can use these emails to trigger alerts in your system.

Notification data

When an SLI is in breach, we notify you by email from

The email HTML body contains a script tag of type application/json and ID incident-data. This HTML element contains a JSON object that holds details about the alert. We also provide the JSON schema for this data.

Example incident-data
<script type="application/json" id="incident-data">
  "appKey": "com.example.appkey",
  "appDetails": {
    "name": "AppName",
    "partnerName": "Atlassian"
  "incidentId": "FOotlQrY5ZQ",
  "incidentStatus": "ANOMALOUS",
  "time": "2022-03-24T15:40:00Z",
  "metricName": "Jira Installation Callback Success Rate",
  "metricUnit": "PERCENT",
  "measurementDurationSeconds": 86400,
  "sliValue": 60.0,
  "sloValue": 99.0

Consequences of SLO breaches

You won’t be penalized if your app is in breach of SLOs in the following cases:

  • Atlassian failure. We can conduct the system-at-fault analysis retrospectively.
  • Planned downtime if you notify Atlassian in advance. Please inform us in a comment on your Cloud Fortified app approval ticket if you have upcoming planned downtime.

We aim to help Marketplace partners improve their apps' reliability. If an app breaches its SLOs continually, it's in our interest to get it back up to Cloud Fortified app standards. Therefore, there is an escalation of actions depending on the frequency and consistency of SLO breaches:

Monitor your SLIs

With the developer console, you can get insight into your app's metrics. For example, you can:

  • Identify trends that suggest impending issues.
  • Review the metrics before an app is fully enrolled to identify any required remediation.

Learn how to Monitor your Connect apps.

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