Last updated Sep 3, 2019

I can't edit my listing during the review process

After an app is submitted it will be in the pending review state. You will not be able to edit your listing during this time. Only Marketplace admins have the ability to change the content of the listing during this time, this includes:

  • Changing the app name
  • Changing the text on the listing
    • More details section
    • Tagline
    • Highlights text
    • Accompanying screenshot text
  • Removal/addition of screenshots
  • Add links to external pages
    • Documentation
    • Issue tracker
    • Privacy statement

This lock is in place in order to ensure that the contents of the app do not change during the review process, thus ensuring consistency for the reviewer.

If changes need to be made to the listing after submission please communicate this through your approval ticket. The reviewer can make the necessary changes on your behalf.

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