Last updated Feb 23, 2024

Sell on Marketplace

To sell your cloud app on the Atlassian Marketplace, visit:

Public apps are available to any cloud customers, whether your app is free or paid via Atlassian.

For Marketplace Partner pricing resources, visit the Partner Portal.

End of support for server is on Feb 15, 2024. New server app sales and installs are no longer available for customers.

Purchasing, installation, and licensing your app

Customers can subscribe to Connect apps from their cloud-hosted Atlassian products, like Jira Cloud or Confluence Cloud. They first enter into a 30-day free trial for your app, which automatically rolls into a paid subscription (if your app is paid, of course). Customers pay the subscription price that you set, and billing only stops if customers cancel their subscription. If a customer does not pay their bill, their site will be shut down due to lack of payment. You will not be notified of this event.

If an app administrator unsubscribes from the license for your app, the app remains installed. Unlicensed apps continue to:

  • Retain the data generated while the app was licensed.
  • Send events externally, if the app had previously registered webhooks while the app was licensed.

Apps receive information about the license status with every request. Use this information to ensure only licensed customers can use your app. License status can be used to delete retained data and prevent events from being sent externally when a license not present. See Handling requests with the license status for more information.

For more about how administrators install and manage apps, see the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) documentation.

Make your listing public

Before anything else, make sure your app meets our approval guidelines.

When you're ready to list your app for the world to see, follow the process below and choose Public for your app visibility.

  1. Log in to with your vendor account.
  2. Click Publish a new app from the profile menu in the upper right.
  3. Choose a vendor. If you don't have a vendor profile yet, click Register your organization and contact details to configure a new vendor profile for your app.
  4. For apps you'd like to list on the Marketplace, choose Public. For internal-only apps, choose Private as the app visibility option. If you intend to use the app for internal-use only, it can remain private for the lifetime of the listing.
  5. Provide the URL to your app descriptor.
  6. Follow the instructions to configure the remaining fields and options on the form. Many of the fields are optional and only apply to public listings. If you're listing privately, you can leave these for later. There are a few fields that require a little more explanation for a Connect app listing:
    • Payment model: Choose only Free or Paid via Atlassian. Connect apps can't be listed as paid via vendor.
    • Availability: This field specifies the Atlassian application deployment model (Cloud or Server). Connect apps are only available for cloud-hosted applications, so this field is pre-populated accordingly for you.
    • Version visibility: While the listing has a visibility setting, so do individual versions of your app. This lets you beta test version updates privately before publishing them. While different versions of an app can have different visibility settings, note that if you make the listing itself private, all versions of the apps also become private, even if they were previously published as public versions.
    • Beta release: Indicates that your app version is in the testing stage only. Choose this option if you intend to list the app publicly, but it isn't ready yet.
    • Compatible application: For a Connect app, after you choose the product you are targeting and the minimum version, the Compatible to version is uneditable (that is, it defaults to Any). Because Connect apps use stable, forward-compatible web APIs and cloud versions are frequently updated, the notion of a latest-compatible version is absent for Atlassian Connect apps. It is applicable, however, to downloadable Java apps.
  7. Click Submit.

After you've gone through the steps above, we automatically create a Jira issue for our Marketplace team. We'll check your app and listing information against our approval guidelines. This process might take a few business days. Avoid unnecessary rounds of feedback by checking the guidelines before submission.

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