Last updated Oct 27, 2023

List a third-party integration on the Atlassian Marketplace

What's an integration?

An integration in this sense is a third party piece of software that integrates with an Atlassian tool, no artifact is required to be installed on the customer's Atlassian instance during the installation process.

Connections between third party software and Atlassian's tools can be made in a number of ways, such as an application link or OAuth 2.0 integration.

List a third party integration

On the Publish a new app page, select My app isn't directly installable to see the following options:

Alt text


  • App Key - the unique identifier for the app. This value can't be altered once you set it.
  • Version number - the number associated with the version, i.e. 1.0.0
  • Build number - the unique identifier for each build, which determines the order of different versions of the app. This field is mandatory. It should be auto-populated, but if it isn’t you must provide a value.
  • App file location - there are two options available:
    • Provide an app binary URL - Provide a URL where your app files are publicly accessible for download.
    • Provide another URL - Provide a URL where customers can access more information about this app.
  • Name - the name of your app, ensure it adheres to our branding guidelines
  • Compatible application - the Atlassian products and versions your integration is compatible with.

The review process

After you've submitted your app one of our friendly Marketplace team will review your submission. In order to test the integration we will need access to a test instance of your software so we can run through the set up and configuration.

Providing this from the start will greatly speed up the review process for you.

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