Last updated Nov 11, 2022

Atlassian Developer Terms: Trello-Specific Terms

Effective starting: November 11, 2022

These Trello-Specific Terms apply if you use the Atlassian Platform to develop Trello Apps under the Atlassian Developer Terms (the "Terms"). The Terms apply to your use of the Trello APIs and Power-Up Listings, subject to the below. Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Trello-Specific Terms have the meanings set out in the Terms.

  1. Power-Ups. We may list certain Trello Apps or “Power-Ups” in the Trello Service or on our website for easy enablement and use with the Trello Service (“Power-Up Listings”). Current Power-Up Listings are available here. This Section 1 applies to any Power-Ups or Power-Up Listings, in addition to the other requirements for your Apps and use of the Atlassian Platform in the Terms.

    1.1. Approval. Not all Trello Apps are appropriate for Power-Ups, so we retain full discretion and approval over whether to include any Power-Up in the Trello Service. To be eligible for a Power-Up Listing, your App must comply with the Power-Up Guidelines. We retain sole discretion and control over the placement, look and feel of any Power-Up Listings and any changes thereto.

    1.2. Power-Up Information. You will provide us with all Power-Up Information in our designated format(s). "Power-Up Information" means any information, product descriptions, icons, Your Marks, App metadata, and other materials related to your Power-Ups that you provide to us or that we reasonably request.

    1.3. License Rights. If we approve your Power-Up Listing, then you hereby grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive license (i) to list, promote and market the availability of your Power-Up, and (ii) to use, copy, distribute, publicly perform and display, to create modifications and derivative works of your Power-Up Information, and to create screenshots and excerpts of your Power-Up’s usage with the Trello Service.

    1.4. Hosting. While we use your Power-Up Information as described above, unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, you will directly host and provide end users with your Power-Up (and related App), and we will not operate your Power-Up or receive any of your underlying code.

    1.5. Your Removals. You can request that we remove your Power-Up Listing from the Trello Service at any time by opening a ticket here. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly remove the Power-Up Listing following receipt of your request. You agree to cooperate as we request regarding end user transition and communications.

    1.6. End User Support. In addition to your obligations in Sections 8 (Your Responsibilities) and 9 (End User Data & Security) of the Terms, for Power-Ups, you must provide end users with reasonable telephone, web-based and/or email support during normal business hours. You will provide us a current email address to which we may direct inquiries from users regarding your Power-Ups. For the avoidance of doubt, we have no obligation to provide any end user support for Power-Ups.

    1.7. Take-Downs. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently take-down any Power-Up Listing (and disable any Power-Up) in our discretion. This may include, among other things, take-downs in accordance with our DMCA policy or in circumstances giving rise to a termination or suspension right as described in the Terms.

    1.8. Your Responsibilities. All of your obligations in Sections 8 (Your Responsibilities) and 9 (End User Data & Security) of the Terms, including your representations, warranties and indemnities, also apply to your Power-Ups and Power-Up Information to the same extent as they apply to your Apps generally.

    1.9. Security and Privacy Review. We, or an authorized third party selected by us, may conduct a security or privacy review of any Power-Up or its supporting infrastructure to ensure compliance with (i) your obligations under Section 9 (End User Data & Security) of the Terms or (ii) security and privacy related sections of the Developer Guidelines. Security and privacy reviews may include, without limitation: information requests to you, reviews of your documentation, interviews, security testing, technical testing and reviews, code reviews and scans (which may reverse engineer binary code), event logging, network testing, and vulnerability threat assessments. In addition, we reserve the right to request that you provide the source code for your Power-Up, but solely for the purpose of us conducting security and/or privacy tests. You agree to reasonably and promptly cooperate with such requests and reviews of your Power-Up and/or your Power-Up’s supporting infrastructure. We (ourselves or through third parties) may conduct new or additional Power-Up security scans beyond those described in this Section 1.9, in which case we will provide you at least 15 days prior notice and you may choose to opt-out of such scan with notice to us.

    1.10. Bug Bounty Programs. We also manage bug bounty programs using third party service providers from time to time, as described at Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program. If you choose to participate as described at such link, you give us the right to review your Power-Ups in the bug bounty programs.

  2. Notifications to Trello. You agree to notify us immediately (i) if you lose any intellectual property rights in your App, (ii) if you or your App become subject to any legal or regulatory investigation, or (iii) if you become aware of any third-party claim regarding any of the foregoing.

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