Last updated Jun 29, 2020

Programs and features

We offer a number of programs to help you develop and sell high-quality apps.


  • App discount programs: Support customers with app-level discount programs.
  • Marketplace contributor benefits: Free Atlassian cloud licensing for developers and Marketplace Partners with paid via Atlassian apps.
  • Marketplace Partner Program: Show app buyers that you invest in cloud and Data Center-focused app development and security practices.
  • Cloud Fortified Apps: Apps designed to serve our largest customers and those with more business-critical operating requirements.
  • Data Center approved program: Show app buyers that your application has been tested to operate at scale for Data Center customers.
  • Cloud Security Program: Show app buyers that you follow cloud security practices.
  • Early access program: Take advantage of the early access program (EAP) to get access to Atlassian server products before official release. This helps you keep your apps current and compatible. 
  • Sales promotions: Sell more apps with discounts and sales. 


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