Last updated Oct 20, 2023

Cloud Fortified Apps Program

The Cloud Fortified Apps Program aims to serve our largest customers and those with more business-critical operating requirements when it comes to apps.

In general, the program:

  • Encourages the visibility and distribution of your app
  • Makes it easier for our enterprise customers to evaluate apps as meeting their needs
  • Can leverage recommendations by Atlassian and its partners to Cloud Enterprise customers

Learn more about how customers evaluate trust in cloud. If you have any questions about the Cloud Fortified Apps Program, ask our team.

Eligibility requirements

To apply for your app to be Cloud Fortified on the Atlassian Marketplace, you'll need to meet the eligibility requirements of enterprise readiness.

These include your participation in:

  • Security programs:
  • Reliability programs:
    • Core capability Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and tests
    • Incident management
  • Support programs:
    • Provide a support point of contact
    • Respond to a critical, high-severity support ticket within one day (24 hours), 5 working days a week in Marketplace Partner local timezone.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, apply for the Cloud Fortified Apps Program.


Enterprise customers tend to have the most apps. Whether they purchase Standard, Premium, or Enterprise editions, their apps need to be reliable in order to customise core Atlassian products to their unique needs.

And some of those same requirements that enterprise customers have for Atlassian's products apply to apps as well, most commonly across security, reliability, and support.

Our vision is that enterprise customers have Marketplace apps suitable for them.

That means:

  1. Enterprise customers can get apps with the traits and features that meet their individual needs.
  2. You gain increased status and visibility amongst customers with these greater needs.





Who are Cloud Fortified Apps for?

These customers can install Cloud Fortified Apps if they choose

Cloud Fortified Apps are designed for these customers

Typical customer

  • All teams exploring Atlassian products

  • Small teams getting started

  • Starter tier Server customers exploring cloud capabilities

  • Single team

  • Multiple teams

  • Departments

  • Org wide standardization on Atlassian products across teams of all sizes

  • Global teams distributed across multiple locations

  • Large enterprises

  • Regulated Industries

Target user tier

  • 1-10

  • 10-100s

  • 100s-1,000s

  • 1,000+

Target customers from Server

  • Server starter customers

  • Server customers

  • Server and Data Center customers with 100+ users

  • Server and Data Center customers with 1,000+ users

What are we optimizing to solve for?

  • Small teams to get started easily on our products and see our value prop – whether it's their first Atlassian product or a new Atlassian product they've never used before

  • Deliver core product features and jobs to be done

  • Standard product features that work at scale

  • Advanced product features for more complex use cases and teams

  • Meet IT admin needs with reliability guarantees, unlimited storage, and support

  • Provide admin tools to manage and control the chaos

  • More advanced customization

  • Enterprises consider the business processes supported by Atlassian products to be mission-critical and require higher reliability and data resiliency to ensure business continuity

  • Due to increased regulatory risk, there is a bias toward control over the environment - both from change (when to deploy; what to deploy; how to phase out, etc.) and operational perspective (stability over speed; audit logs; encryption; predictable behavior, evidencing; etc.)

  • Due to the complexity of their environment, there is a bias toward standards and certifications


Any eligible cloud app can participate in the Cloud Foritfied Apps Program. Program participation applies to the entire app. It does not result in a separate Marketplace listing. Here is a direct comparison:


Regular app

Cloud Fortified Apps

Program participation









  • Recommended by Atlassian and its partners to Cloud Enterprise customers

  • Enhanced visibility in the Marketplace


To qualify as a Cloud Fortified app, you'll need to meet several requirements around:

If further requirements are added, Atlassian will give at least six months notice.

Reliability requirements

Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are not considered breached if due to Atlassian failure.

The Cloud Fortified Apps Program is designed to safeguard customer trust and reduce partner costs by preventing outages from occurring in the first place.

See the reliability requirements for more details.

You'll need to share proof of these requirements as part of the initial approval and annual review processes.

Requirement summary

Requirement specifics

Adhere to Service Level Objectives for SLIs defined by Atlassian

  1. Investigate when an SLO breach occurs.

Satisfy production readiness requirements

  1. Assess the scalability and performance characteristics of your app.

  2. Have engineers familiarise themselves with the incident management and post-incident review documentation and processes.

  3. Have a documented service restoration plan.

Have an incident management process

  1. Have engineers respond to high severity incidents using an alerting service such as Opsgenie.

  2. Use/create an Atlassian incident management ticket (“EcoHOT”) as a canonical reference

  3. Complete Incident Reviews after a production incident, including completing issues raised as a result of the review in a timely manner.

Build core capability testing against a Vendor First Release tenant to catch breaking changes before they hit production.

Address deprecation notices within the deprecation period

This requirement is also a benefit as program participants will have access to improved escalation and coordination channels with Atlassian for the benefit of our mutual customers.

Security requirements

See Cloud Fortified Apps Program security requirements for more details.

  1. Meet all Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program requirements and,
  2. Complete the Privacy and Security tab

Support requirements

See Cloud Fortified Apps Program support requirements for more details.

The Cloud Fortified Apps Program aims to ensure a consistent customer experience with minimal partner cost by standardizing minimal expectations for support tickets. Marketplace Partners must:

  1. Provide and maintain a primary point of contact for customer support requests raised via Atlassian support. This point of contact must respond on the Atlassian support ticket.
  2. Commit to responding to customers and Atlassian support within 24 hours for T1 support, 5 days a week in Marketplace Partner local timezone.

Customers remain free to contact partners directly for support; our goal is to standardize the customer experience when they start their support journey with Atlassian, and provide a single source of truth for coordination bbetweenb the partner and Atlassian to resolve customer issues quickly.

Approval process

Th understand the approval process check your eligibility with the relevant docs.

Learn about more details on the:

If you have any questions about the process, ask our team.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, apply for the Cloud Fortified Apps Program.

Program benefits

Enhanced visibility

Cloud Fortified Apps will be recommended by Atlassian to enterprise customers.

Cloud Fortified Apps will be more visibly presented to users on the Atlassian Marketplace and in the embedded marketplace within Confluence and Jira. Cloud Fortified Apps will have:

  • Dedicated sections
  • Filters for Cloud Fortified Apps
  • Explanation of the benefits of choosing Cloud Fortified Apps and,
  • Distinctive labels in search results and app listing pages

This will allow customers to easily find and inspect them for suitability, and they'll stand out among other apps.

Enhanced distribution

Cloud Fortified Apps will be actively put forward by Atlassian sales teams and included in enablement material used by Solution Partners.

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