Last updated Feb 23, 2024

About the Atlassian Marketplace

The Atlassian Marketplace lets you share and sell your apps for Atlassian products. You gain access to our customer base, who can browse the Marketplace for apps to enhance the functionality of their Atlassian products, such as Jira or Confluence.

Moving your app and customers to cloud gives you step-by-step guidance if you're considering cloud or have migrating customers. Atlassian Marketplace will no longer offer sales and support for server apps as of Feb 15, 2024.

What are Marketplace apps?

Marketplace apps customize the experience of Atlassian products. You can use our development platforms to create an app for your team, or distribute your apps commercially by listing them on the Atlassian Marketplace.

The Atlassian Marketplace first launched in 2012. Less than a decade later, in December 2021, it surpassed $2 billion in lifetime sales.

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Before listing your app

Before listing your app on the Atlassian Marketplace:

For an overview of taking an initial idea to a successful Marketplace launch, check out How to Launch a New Product on the Marketplace. You can subscribe to our Atlassian Developer YouTube channel for videos from our live events, webinars, and tutorials.

Meet the Marketplace requirements

By listing an app in the Marketplace, you must also comply with our terms of use and branding guidelines.  

Submit your app listing

When you're ready to launch your app, submit your listing for review. Depending on the development platform, there are different listing requirements.

Check out the listing process for:

Then, follow our guide to creating a successful Marketplace listing.

Grow your app business

Some of the benefits of listing your app on the Atlassian Marketplace include:

To learn how developers have made a successful Marketplace business, check out Atlassian Developer stories.

Choose your payment model

There are three app payment models you can choose from on Marketplace:

  • Free
  • Paid via Atlassian, or
  • Paid via Vendor

Each payment model provides different benefits.

Learn more about pricing and payments on the Atlassian Marketplace

Support your customers

If you offer support for your app, the Get support button appears on the Support tab on your app details page.

This tab also lists other resources including documentation links, issue trackers, forums, and more. App customers are discouraged from writing reviews to get support, and should instead contact Marketplace partners directly.

Get Marketplace help and resources

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Access the Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is the place to be for all the resources and the updates around Atlassian ecosystem.

  • Frequently updated by our Solution and Marketplace Partner teams.
  • Available on mobile via the Confluence app.
  • Comment, engage, or directly ask our team a question.


Marketplace Partners with at least one paid-via-Atlassian app and a a private domain email address are eligible for Partner Portal access. We cannot approve submissions from public domain addresses such as those from Google or Yahoo.

To request access, submit a ticket to our Developer and Marketplace support team

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