Last updatedJun 11, 2019

Managing permissions on your vendor account

This page explains how to manage permissions for the contacts who have access to your Marketplace vendor account.

About permission management

As the Atlassian Marketplace grows, so do the vendor businesses which run on top of it. Many vendor businesses initially start out with a single employee who develops, runs the business, markets the products, and more. However, once these vendors become successful and grow, there will come a time where employees have distinct responsibilities.

The Marketplace allows vendors to manage what permissions each contact should have in regards to their vendor account. These permissions include:

  • Managing the vendor account
  • Managing the vendor's payment details
  • Managing app details
  • Managing app pricing
  • Managing promotions
  • Viewing sales reports
  • Viewing all other reports

These permissions apply to all vendor-related functionality, both on the site and through the Marketplace's API.


Vendors commonly have employees fit into multiple roles. Some of these roles may be the vendor founder, a development lead, a finance manager, and a marketing specialist. In this example, the vendor might want to grant the following permissions:


When Daisy (the development lead) logs in to the Marketplace and tries to access the vendor reports, she'll only be able to access the feedback-related reports. The sales reports won't be accessible.


When Felix (the finance manager) accesses the same page, he'll have access to the sales reports too.


Administering your vendor account

All vendor accounts have at least one vendor administrator user. Only vendor administrators can add/remove contacts and manage individual contacts' permissions. They can do so by going to the Contacts page in their vendor dashboard on Marketplace.


The vendor administrator can set user-level permissions by clicking Manage permissions for the contact.

manage permissions

When a vendor administrator adds a new contact to their vendor account, they're presented with the same permission options as if they were managing an existing contact's permissions. Contacts must have at least one type of permission defined.

add contact

Advanced management

Vendor administrators can bulk manage contact permissions using the Marketplace REST API. With the scripting language of your choice you can iterate over each contact's account and set the desired permissions.

For example, here's how to update the permissions for an existing contact:

list of permissions

For more information check out our API documentation.