Last updated Jun 5, 2020

Access sales reports with the REST API

The partner dashboard provides partners with sales information about apps in a visual format. To access the information in its raw format, you can use the Sales Report API.

The Sales Report API is a REST API that returns sale records in JSON format. Each sale record lists the invoice ID, the buyer, the purchase price, and so on. The data represents app sales only. It does not include information on evaluations.

To use the API, you send a GET HTTP request to the Atlassian Marketplace REST service, passing the username and password associated with the partner as HTTP basic auth credentials.

The records in the response may be paged, that is, they may represent a subset of the results. The subset is determined by the offset and limit parameters to the query. Included in the response are "next" and "previous" elements with URL links for retrieving the next or previous set of records. You can use these elements to create an HTML page that lets users page through the results.

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