Last updated Jun 5, 2020

Access tokens overview

Access tokens are for cloud apps only.

Only the Marketplace Partner or Marketplace admins can create access tokens.

What is an access token

The Atlassian Marketplace provides partners with access tokens that enable you to install and test apps under development in live cloud instances. This removes the need of having licenses generated through the Atlassian billing system. Access tokens can also be used to install and manage private apps, they are specific to installing apps and are not to be confused with the similiarly named API token used for authentication with REST calls.

With an access token an app can be set to various license states like valid, expired, and unlicensed.

To generate an access token:

  1. Go to the Private listings page in your app’s management section.
  2. Click Create a token. The token appears in the list.

How to generate and apply an access token

Access tokens can be generated from the Private Listings page in the management section of an app. Here you select the "Create a token" button, the token will then appear in the list bellow:

Alt text

To use a token on an instance that does not already have the app installed in it;

  1. Click the token link and copy the URL. The URL should look like a connect descriptor and end with ?access-token=[TOKEN_ID].
  2. In the Atlassian cloud product, navigate to the Manage add-ons page and click Upload add-on
  3. Paste the copied token URL into pop up screen that appears.

If you don't see the Upload add-on link click Settings and ensure the Enable Private Listings box is checked

Alt text

The installed app with the access token looks like this:

Alt text

The Access token status drop down lets you choose from a selection of license types, enabling the testing of the app in these various states.

Alt text

It's also possible to apply an access token to an already installed app.

To avoid being unexpectantly billed, unsubscribe form the app before applying the token.

There are 2 ways to apply a token to an app that has already been installed:

  • Copy the token value then select the pencil icon to input it directly
  • Select the + icon to go to the app's private listing page, where an access token can be generated.

Alt text

Private apps and Private app versions

Access tokens work for both private app versions and public versions. If an app has both private and public versions then the access token entry will offer links for both the latest private and public versions of the app.

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