Last updated Nov 14, 2023

Develop apps for Atlassian Data Center products

The Data Center deployment for our products prioritizes high availability and performance at scale.

  • Instances run on multiple servers or nodes and point back to a single relational database. We refer to Data Center instances as clustered.
  • Annual subscription for product licenses.
  • Customers can apply their license key to multiple (unlimited) nodes.

Moving your app and customers to cloud gives you step-by-step guidance if you're considering cloud or have migrating customers.

Before you begin

Before starting your app, check our guidelines for best practice when building your app for a Data Center environment.

Build apps for Data Center

Data Center apps are built using the Atlassian plugin software development kit (SDK). The SDK can be used to build apps for the following Data Center products:

  • Bamboo
  • Bitbucket
  • Confluence
  • Jira Service Desk
  • Jira Software
  • Crowd

Learn more about the Atlassian Plugin SDK

Determine the app version on a node

Nodes run the latest version of an app by pulling the plugin jar file from the shared home. To get the version of an app in the shared home, check the <version> value inside the app's atlassian-plugin.xml file. If there are multiple values, nodes use java.lang.String#compareTo to determine the latest version.

Publish your Data Center app in Marketplace

Data Center customers have high expectations of both Atlassian products and the third-party Marketplace apps they use. For this reason, before publishing your app you'll need to:

  1. Submit your technical review.
  2. Test your app and document the results.
  3. Provide support escalation details.
  4. Submit your Marketplace app listing.

The technical review is submitted annually.

Learn more about submitting your Data Center app

Pricing your Data Center app

When it comes to pricing your Data Center app:

  • You may raise the largest tier prices by a small amount if you've significantly invested in research and development.
  • All Marketplace visitors see the same pricing tables, regardless if they use Jira Data Center clustered on multiple servers or Jira running on a single server.
  • Customers are billed based on their product license. 
  • Data Center licenses are sold in 1000-user blocks. Customers can apply these license keys to an unlimited number of nodes running their instance.
  • 1000-user pricing tiers for apps are not yet available.

Learn more about pricing

Data Center migrations and migrating customers

If you've built, or are considering, a cloud version of your Data Center app, you may have customers who want to migrate. Follow our best practice guidance to:

  • Prepare your cloud strategy
  • Support your customer migration needs
  • Communicate your plans and feature parity

Learn more about moving your app and customers to cloud

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