Last updated Jun 5, 2020

Why is my app hidden on the Marketplace?

In November 2018, Atlassian announced new requirements for Atlassian Marketplace apps via the Developer Community. These requirements are related to changes we're making to improve privacy and customer trust. We've sent email notifications of these changes to all admin contacts associated with the Marketplace Partner profile.

All apps listed on Atlassian Marketplace are required to have:

  • A privacy policy
  • Either a customer terms agreement (cloud) or end user license agreement (server) regardless of deployment type.

Both cloud apps and server apps are required to indicate whether they store personal data. Cloud apps that store personal data must provide a regular report of accountIDs they're storing so that Atlassian can notify the app of account closures.

If your app has been de-listed it is because it is missing one or more of the above requirements. Please check your app listing (Manage App > Details) to see if you've provided input to the "Data security and privacy policy" field and/or the "App Stores Personal Data" field, and version details (Manage Version > Links) to see if you've provided input to the "Customer Terms" field.

If all three are present, please let us know so that we can review and unhide your app.

If you are unsure where to update those fields, please follow this link.

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