Last updated Dec 8, 2022

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Listing a Forge successor to a Connect app

This page covers how to submit your Forge app to the Marketplace in order to replace your existing Connect app.

Before you begin

At this point, you should have already integrated your Connect app with Forge. See Migrate an app from Connect to Forge for detailed instructions (including known issues and limitations).

You'll also need to enable sharing on your app. This will allow you to distribute it via the developer console. See Distribute your apps for detailed instructions.

Read the following details before submitting your app to be listed on the Marketplace.

Ensure your app manages personal data appropriately

If your app stores personal data, it must comply with user privacy requirements, as detailed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Follow the Forge user privacy guidelines to implement flows to report and erase personal data as appropriate.

Use the development or staging environment to test paid apps

Forge apps can be deployed to development, staging, and production environments. If you're listing a paid app, you must always use the development or staging environment to test your app. This is because all installations of production paid apps are billed. Even if you're the app developer, if you install your production paid app on your Atlassian cloud instance just to test it, you will be charged for it.

Note that Forge as a platform remains free to use.

Step 1: Listing your app as a Forge app

Once sharing is enabled, you can publish a new app version to the Marketplace by selecting the Forge app.

Listing your app as a Forge app

Step 2: Install the Forge version

Once the Forge version's Marketplace listing is approved, install it. You can do so via Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) or Marketplace.

Option 1: UPM

You should see an available update for your Connect app in the UPM.


Select Update and refresh the page.


Option 2: Marketplace

You can install the Forge app on a new site via the Marketplace.



How do I rollback a Forge app to its previous Connect app version?

Mistakes happen. In case of an emergency, you can ask our team to manually rollback the migration. To do this, please raise a Marketplace Support ticket under Need help with Marketplace listing?.

How can I do a staged migration from Connect to Forge?

If you would like to follow a staged migration, please raise a Marketplace Support ticket under Need help with Marketplace listing?


  • Summary: Staged migration rollout from Connect to Forge
  • Description: I would like to control the rollout of my migrated Connect on Forge app, by initially restricting updates to the following test sites.
  • App key:
  • Listing management URL:

Giving feedback

We're excited to hear your feedback. Please join us in the Forge developer community.

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