Last updated Apr 10, 2024

App approval guidelines

Moving your app and customers to cloud gives you step-by-step guidance if you're considering cloud or have migrating customers. As of Feb 15, 2024, server is no longer supported.

After creating and testing your app, your next step is to submit it for approval. To uphold standards of quality and reliability that our customers expect, all publicly listed apps are subject to an approval process.

Certain approval criteria apply, and there are additional criteria for paid-via-Atlassian server apps, and cloud apps.

Which apps need to be approved?

All new publicly listed apps need to be approved by Atlassian. Once an app is approved, routine version updates don’t require re-approval, except in the following cases:

  • Payment model changes: For example, if your app changes from free or paid-via-vendor to a paid-via-Atlassian app.
  • Hosting changes: If you add a version that uses a different hosting model. For example, if you have a download/behind-the-firewall app, and add a version for Atlassian-hosted cloud products.
  • Base URL changes: If you create a version with a different baseUrl in the connect app descriptor file compared to the previous public version of the app.

How long does approval take?

Approval times vary depending on current volume and the Marketplace team’s availability. The team works through submissions in chronological order, and when reviewing your app, they will check the requirements and guidelines specific to your development platform and product.

Errors in your app submission can cause delays to your launch. To avoid resubmissions, follow the guidelines on this page.

It's common to experience a few rounds of the approval process, but if you believe your approval is taking too long, submit a question to our team.

Approval criteria for all apps

All cloud and server apps, free or paid, need to meet the following criteria:

Additional criteria

Cloud apps

Your cloud app adheres to the criteria listed for all apps, plus:

Templates for End User Terms and Data Processing Addendums (DPA)

To transact with customers in cloud, you'll need End User Terms, also known as a customer agreement or Terms of Service (TOS). Also, if you are a Data Processor under GDPR, or process personal data under other personal data laws and/or regulations, you'll need a DPA.

If you don’t have these documents yet, Bonterms offers Atlassian-endorsed customizable templates for SaaS subscriptions, built by experienced lawyers. Bonterms legal templates are free to download and use — consult with your legal counsel to see if they can work for you.

Learn more about Bonterms customizable legal templates.

Your paid-via-Atlassian server app adheres to the criteria listed for all apps, plus:

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