Last updated Jun 5, 2024

How trust works for customers and partners

Trust often comes up during customer app assessment, especially if they are migrating from server or Data Center to cloud.

Diagram of customer and developer trust steps

Example of customer trust evaluation

One example could look like:

  1. A customer based in Germany has determined one of their server apps is critical for their team’s operations and is needed in cloud.
  2. They see the app has a cloud version that performs the same needed functions, and that the app is at a price point they are comfortable with.
  3. To determine if the app is installable in an active instance, they need to verify this app against a series of requirements related to data protection, data loss prevention, reliability, and compliance.
  4. To see these details, they go to the Privacy & Security tab for that app.
  5. Through the tab, they discover that this particular app stores data outside of Atlassian, but does not offer data residency in Germany or even the EU, and does not offer any other indicators of trust investments, such as an ISO27001 certification.
  6. To ask for more information, they reach out to the Marketplace Partner.
  7. While they wait for the partner’s response, they simultaneously start searching for a similar app that already offers the trust features they need.

This is just an example, but it represents a common journey when an app doesn’t support these critical features.

To maximize the uptake of your app, it’s important understand your potential customer needs related to security, reliability, privacy, and compliance.

Have a clear plan to ensure these needs are met, while also being clear about these details on your app listing, website, or Marketplace Partner profile.

Elements of customer trust

While trust covers a lot of different topics in the cloud, we think about it in terms of these five elements:


In the digital world, data is a business's most valuable asset. Ensuring its security against attack should be of utmost importance to any SaaS provider.

Reliability and support

If a business is offline or unresponsive, it can lead to productivity loss, revenue decline, and potential damage to customer trust. Show your investment in reliability with the Cloud Fortified program and badge.


Apps allow customers to meet their compliance obligations. For example, complying with GDPR, or industry-specific regulations. To learn more, check out the Encyclopedia of Trust for Marketplace Partners.

Privacy and data management

Any data loss or misuse can severely impact a company's reputation, finances, and customer relationships. Ensuring privacy is often a legal requirement for cloud businesses. Learn about the best privacy practices.

Transparency and control

The way you present your app's trust features can be a deciding factor in its adoption in the cloud. Get started by filling out the Privacy & Security tab.

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