Last updated Jun 5, 2020

Archiving apps

This page explains why apps are archived. It also describes how partners can reinstate archived apps, so that they reappear as active listings on the Marketplace.

About app archiving

As the Marketplace grows, it's important for app users to be able to find current, relevant apps. For this reason we archive apps that are are no longer relevant or compatible with their Atlassian host product. This way Marketplace visitors can easily discover relevant apps, and reduces likelihood of finding outdated or obsolete apps.

The Marketplace archives apps automatically when all of the following conditions are true:

  • The time since the end-of-life of the latest version of the Atlassian product it supports is greater than one year.
  • The app has no public paid-via-Atlassian versions. This is because most apps in this category have at least one sale and paid customers expect their apps to be available on the Marketplace for the lifetime of their paid licenses.
  • The app has no public cloud versions. This is because Atlassian's cloud products have different end of life (EOL) policies than our server products, and cloud apps work differently than server apps.

For EOL dates of Atlassian products and product versions, see Atlassian Support End of Life Policy.

In some cases, an entire partner may be archived, which means that all apps associated with that partner are archived as well. 

Accessing archived apps

Archived apps remain on the Marketplace, but they are mostly hidden. They are excluded from search results and from the various browsing views on the Marketplace.

Anyone can still access the listing, but only by going directly to the listing URL or by navigating to it from the archive link at the bottom of the website.

On the listing, a banner at the top of the page indicates that the app is archived.

Customers cannot buy or download the app for trial, but they can download the app and use it if they already have an existing license.

Reinstating an archived app to active status

A month before an app is archived, the Atlassian Marketplace generates an automated email notifying the partner.

The partner can prevent archiving, or reinstate an app that is already archived, by updating the app listing to reflect support for an active version of the product.

It is up to the partner to ensure that the app supports the product version. Once the partner updates the listing, the listing automatically resumes active status, removing it from the archive list.

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