Last updated Jan 31, 2024

Frequenty asked questions

These are some frequently asked questions regarding the Marketplace partner reports.

What is the difference between reporting APIs and the UI reports?

The UI reports are graphs, charts and tables that are built on the reporting APIs for you to consume and analyze your data in a better manner. All the information on the UI is taken from the APIs.

Are Atlassian-provided sales reports up-to-date?

These reports might be behind real-time by as much as 24 hours, and in some cases, licensing information may appear before sales data. Contact Marketplace Support if the information doesn't appear after 24 hours.

Do I see customer data?

Yes, our end-user license agreement (EULA) specifies that we can provide you with customer data as a partner. You'll see each customer differentiated by their unique email address. For current active customers, primary contact information will be visible in your transactions and license reports.

You will not see contact information when you view for historical sales, licenses, or evaluations, where the billing or technical contact at the time of sale/evaluation has been updated and that original billing/technical contact has marked themselves as ‘Right-to-be-forgotten’ (RTBF) in accordance with GDPR guidelines. In this scenario, you will see ‘RTBF’ in the contact fields instead of the contact information.

How do I contact a customer?

The email for an active customer is available through the sales, licenses, and evaluation reports. Included in these reports is the email associated with a customer, which you can use to contact them. You can also see their email through various operations in the Atlassian Marketplace REST API.

Email details are only available for paid Atlassian apps; you cannot access customer information and emails for free apps.

What if I want access to more data about app purchases?

If you'd like to collect more data about app purchases, you can contact customers directly via their email addresses. Otherwise, all information collected during transactions is alreadyreported to you via the sales report.

How can I give feedback about this document?

The feedback collector at the end of the document will collect your feedback in the form of ratings or any additional comments that you would want to add.

Where can I raise a ticket if the reporting data I see has any discrepancy?

You can raise an ECOHELP ticket to address any such concerns.

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