Last updated Oct 27, 2023

Remove inappropriate reviews from app listings

If a customer leaves a review you feel is innappropriate, you can flag the review as inappropriate. Atlassian looks at all flagged reviews at the end of every week.

To flag a review, go to the review section of your listing, scroll to the offending review, and click the Flag as inappropriate link:

Flag a review as inappropriate

This then drops into a queue that the Atlassian Marketplace team reviews each week. If the review has not been removed by the end of said week then this generally means that we don't believe the review is in violation of our review policy.

Further information

When a review is deleted the score as well as the text is removed from the listing. This will affect your overall star rating.

The review rating left in a review can't be altered, only deleted.

If you feel a review was left by a competitor, or a Marketplace Partner has reviewed their own app, then please raise a ticket with the Marketplace Support team so we can investigate this further.

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