Last updated Apr 9, 2024

Move your apps and customers to cloud

The steps below are designed to help you best prepare for customers who are migrating to cloud. You can use this page as an overview of how to launch, list, and support your cloud app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Image of cloud readiness flow, showing seven phases

Before you begin

Before planning a cloud strategy, evaluate how cloud can work for your app, team, and business:

App trust is critical for cloud customers. Design and build your app with trust elements in mind so you can appeal to more customers from the start.

Build enterprise customer trust in cloud

1. Plan your cloud strategy

A clear plan for your cloud app can help clarify your pricing expectations, customer base, and competitive benchmark.

  • Determine your pricing strategy.
  • Define your customer segments.
  • Start product planning, value-based pricing, and competitive benchmarking.

Plan your cloud strategy

2. Share your cloud plans with customers

After defining your cloud strategy, document your plans so your customers can easily access the answers they need about your app's features and trust elements in cloud.

  • Document feature parity between your server and cloud apps.
  • Build a migration FAQ.
  • Share Atlassian's cloud migration FAQs.
  • Answer questions about cloud pricing.

Share your cloud plans with customers

3. Build your cloud app

Once you've outlined your app's cloud features, capabilities, and shared your plans with your customers, it's time to build your app.

  • Choose between Forge and Connect.
  • Get help and support.

Build your app in cloud

4. Prepare a migration path

Customers rely on migration paths to get their app data from server to cloud. When an app doesn't have a reliable migration path, it can block customers from migrating and prevent you from realizing growth.

  • Support app assessment in the Cloud Migration Assistant.
  • Set up app vendor checks.
  • Automate your migration path.
  • Test and publish your migration path.

Prepare a migration path

5. Launch, list, and advertise

Once your migration path is ready, you're ready to list your app and attract more customers in cloud:

  • Check Marketplace app approval guidelines.
  • List and market your app.
  • Build your Marketplace presence.

Launch, list, and advertise your app

6. Support your customers

As your customers adopt your cloud app, there are a number of ways you can support them:

Get help

For advice on any of these steps, or to gain access to the Partner Portal, submit a ticket. If you aren't already, you'll be asked to log in with your developer or Marketplace Partner account.

Atlassian communication channels outlines where you can find all our developer updates and support channels relevant to your needs.

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