Last updated May 28, 2024

About the app migration platform

Prepare a cloud migration path for your server app

When your server (or data center) app doesn’t have a reliable cloud migration path, it can block customers from migrating and prevent your business from growing. With the app migration platform, you can make it easy for customers to assess your app, prepare, and migrate app data using the Cloud Migration Assistant (CMA).

Diagram showing how app builders can use the app migration platform to help customers migrate their app data to cloud.

This page provides an overview of how the app migration platform can help you prepare a reliable migration path for your app, an important part of moving your app and customers to cloud.

Note the following:

  • Automated migration paths are only supported for cloud apps that use Connect.
  • App assessment and app vendor checks are supported for both Forge and Connect.

For more information, contact support or follow updates in the changelog.

Start with an app migration strategy

Preparing a reliable migration path starts with understanding your app's data migration requirements, your customers' needs, and the types of migration paths that are available.

Learn more about starting an app migration strategy:

Support app assessment

Make it easy for customers to choose your app in cloud. Maintain up-to-date info in the CMA, and provide a link to your app's migration guide.

Learn more about supporting app assessment:

Set up app vendor checks

Create pre-migration checks customers can run from the CMA to validate app data and find issues. You can set up app vendor checks even when you haven't automated your migration path yet.

Learn more about setting up app checks:

Automate your migration

Export app data from your server app, and access that data from your cloud app. Update progress in the cloud migration assistant, and settle the migration transfer when it's done.

Learn more about automating your migration:

Test and publish your migration path

Use the platform to trigger an app migration programmatically or from testing tools such as Postman. Once you've tested your migration path, publish a new version of the app to the Marketplace, and update your path in the cloud migration assistant.

Learn more about testing and publishing your migration path:

Get help and suggest changes

To get help, report an issue, or suggest changes, check out our support page.

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