Last updated Nov 8, 2023

Progress logs

App migration progress logs provide information about recent migration events, such as when data is uploaded, and status updates from your cloud app. The logs also include warnings that reference transfer IDs and S3 keys, which are useful when troubleshooting app migration issues.

Progress logs are available starting with these versions of the Cloud Migration Assistant:

  • Jira Cloud Migration Assistant 1.9.12
  • Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant 3.4.11

You can download progress logs from the migration assistant in the migration plan screen, on the This migration includes tab, by selecting View logs:

Preview of View Logs link

The logs are downloaded as a CSV file, as shown in this example:

Example progress log CSV

Not every migration action produces logs, so the absence of events doesn't mean there's no progress, e.g., currently, we do not show logs for when mappings are retrieved.

We recommend providing regular status updates to keep users informed about the progress and to prevent the migration from appearing stuck due to a lack of progress logs.

Explanation of Progress Logs

Information Progress Logs

These are expected progress logs that occur during an app migration.

App migration started. Details: {cloudAppKey}, for transfer: {transferId}Logged at the start of the app migration. Use the transfer ID to correlate progress logs with your internal logs.
App data uploaded. Details: ID: {s3Key}App data has been uploaded to cloud storage. Learn more about retrieving app data
Notified cloud app...Your cloud app has successfully responded to a webhook call.
App migration updated by the Cloud app with status {status}, progress {percent} and message: {message}Represents a status update provided by your cloud app. The entry includes up to 1000 characters of your message.
Initiated your request to cancel app migration.A customer has requested to cancel a transfer.
Older logs have been omitted for transfer: {transferId}There are too many log entries to return, so older entries are omitted.

Warning Progress Logs

These logs could impact the success of a migration.

An exception occurred on the server appAn uncaught exception has occurred in the server-side listener method (onStartAppMigration), possibly preventing the execution of further code. This could cause the app migration to ultimately time out.To avoid a stuck migration, we recommend that your cloud app updates the transfer to a settled status. Refer to server-side-exceptions for more detail.
Cloud app is not registered to receive migration notifications...We could not find a webhook to notify your cloud app of the given event, e.g., app data upload. Note there is a check run before migration that is related to this warning.We recommend that your cloud app has added a webhook URL in the connect descriptor while maintaining the registered webhook. The customer should also ensure the cloud site is available with an active license during the migration.
Failed to notify Cloud app...Your cloud app failed to return a 200 OK response for a webhook event after multiple retries.Ensure your cloud app is returning a success response in a timely manner. Read more about webhooks here.

Event Type to Message Map

We have mapped the event types defined here to a more readable message, which is appended to notification-related logs, e.g., Failed to notify Cloud app for the start of app migration.

Event TypeMessage
listener-triggeredstart of app migration
app-data-uploadedapp data uploaded
listener-errorederror in the server app
transfer-cancellation-requestedcancel app migration


The downloadable progress logs only include the most recent 4000 entries. When entries are omitted, an info message is added at the end of the file: Older logs have been omitted for transfer: {transferId}

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