Last updated May 23, 2023

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Enabling Apps Migration for “migrate all data at once”

App migrations will soon be supported for "migrate all data at once". This page will provide instructions on how to enable it so you can begin to test your apps compatibility with this new feature.

You can find general information about "migrate all data at once" migrations and how they pertain to apps by following this link

Setting the Feature Flag

  1. Navigate to the Dark Feature page for Jira dark features <Jira_URL>/secure/SiteDarkFeatures!default.jspa
  2. Add com.atlassian.jira.migration.single-path-including-apps.migrations in the text box.
  3. Click Add


Apps that have been selected as 'Needed in cloud' within the App Assessment screen will now be included in any future Bulk Migration

Before the Migration

All pre-flight checks directly relating to marketplace apps will be validated during the 'Pre-migration checks' screen.

dev-mode can be used to trigger a migration for all apps installed on your instance as well as to skip the pre-migration checks for these apps

In general, the pre-migration checks within JCMA will provide feedback if any actions need to be taken prior to running a migration. Here are some considerations that should be taken into account:

  • All the apps that are marked as 'Needed in cloud' need to be pre-installed on your cloud site

Your cloud site must not have any existing projects. Projects in the trash will be cleared out during the migration

During the Migration

Similar to Project by Project migrations, the overall migration consists of a Core Migration phase and an App Migration phase.

Core Migration

During this phase, all data related to the native operation of Jira will be moved through Atlassian systems to migrate the customers data from their server instance to a cloud instance. This includes and is not limited to projects, issues, users, and attachments.

As part of this phase, all pre-installed apps on the cloud site will be temporarily removed and re-installed before the conclusion of this phase.

If there are any errors during the re-installation of apps during this phase, the migration will not proceed and app migration will not begin.

This re-installation step is listed as the "Preparing apps" step in the migration details screen for a Bulk Migration


App Migration

After core JIRA data has been moved to the cloud, your app's migration path will be executed on the server. You can find more information about how an app migration runs and what expectations there are on your migration path by reading the Migrate your apps section

Known Issues

Apps that support their own App custom fields and App workflow rules are currently not supported. You can find more information about what's not supported here

If you app requires these features during its migration, the following pre-migration check will block you from being able to run a "migrate all data at once" migration


When these become available, we will release further information and testing advice for partners. We expect this release to require no change on the partner app side.


Check out cloud migration methods for more information about different cloud migration methods supported by Atlassian or visit our support page.

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