Last updated Dec 14, 2021

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Progress reporting

If you implement the listener interface, your cloud app must use the Status API to report on the overall progress of your app migration to the Jira/Confluence admin user in the Cloud Migration Assistant user interface.

Your cloud app must send the following to settle the transfer at the end of the migration:

  • a percentage
  • an optional message

Note that there is a 14-day time-limit after you receive the first notification of your server app being triggered to access progress reports. After the 14-day period, the App migration platform will return a 400 error response to all requests for information using transferId.

About the Status API

Use the following endpoint of the Status API to send your App migration report to the Cloud Migration Assistant.

POST/migration/progress/{transferId}{"status": "IN_PROGRESS/SUCCESS/FAILED/INCOMPLETE", "message": "string?", "percent" : int [ 0-100 ]}

In the endpoint above, specify the {transferId} that you want to send progress status about.

  • Sample request

    curl -X POST '' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '{
                    "status" : "IN_PROGRESS",
                    "percent": 90,
                    "message" : "Migration is at the last stage. Refer this link {{link:}} for different stages of migration."
  • Sample response

    200 OK

Status messages

You can use status messages for the following:

  • Report on the progress of your app migration to the Jira/Confluence admin user
  • Provide links to sites or entities involved in the migration

This page provides details about the types and format of status messages.

Format of status messages

A status message can combine text, and elements to incorporate links. See the format of an element below.

Element format


The following table explains the above element format.

typeRepresents the type of element
valueThe value that the user interface needs to render

The Status API supports the following element type:

| Type | Description | Sample status message | | --- |---| |link| Link to a webpage | To complete the migration, follow the instructions at {{link:}} |

Note: in the above table is sample placeholder text that you can replace with your own link.

Length of status messages

We recommend restricting the length of your status message (inclusive of links) to 250-300 characters to ensure that it displays within the text area on the Jira/Confluence user interface.

App migration status update in Cloud Migration Assistant user interface

The Jira/Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant user interface does not display status updates from your cloud app in real-time.

There can be an interval of up to 90 seconds between the time your cloud app provides a status update and when the message is displayed on the Jira/Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant user interface.

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