Last updated Jun 15, 2022

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This page includes release notes and updates about the App migration platform for individuals who develop migration paths to move app data from server/data center to cloud.

Use this page to keep track of new or updated features, deprecations, and bug fixes.

Read our docs on getting support through the right channel.

15 June 2022

Added Added App migration platform rate limit details for Server app

Added more details on how to handle request rate limits from the P2 server app.

3 June 2022

Removed Support for more than 5 endpoints to receive App migration events has been removed

This change was originally planned for the 16th of May and has now been applied. We have monitored the usage patterns on this endpoint and no customer impact is expected.

31 May 2022

Announcement Removal of user impersonation requirements for bulk APIs

Following the announcement at MIG-812, the User Impersonation requirement to use the following Bulk APIs will be removed:
The Jira Cloud platform REST API - Bulk update custom field value
The Jira Cloud platform REST API - Bulk update entity properties

Requests made with User Impersonation will have their impersonation ignored.

26 May 2022

Added Added App migration platform rate limit details

Updated documentation to provide more details on possible 429 from calls made to App migration platform from cloud app.

For more details, refer to:

12 May 2022

Announcement Removing impersonation requirement from Jira Bulk APIs.

Following tutorials are updated to remove the need to impersonate a user in order to use the Jira bulk APIs for entity properties and custom fields.

Refer to for more details about this change.

29 March 2022

Added Added Jira Service Management namespaces to mapping list

Added Jira Service Management namespaces jira/servicedesk:requestType and jira/servicedesk:customerOrganization to mappings list.

18 March 2022

Announcement Updated workflow rules tutorial with a step to filter workflow rules that are yet to be processed.

Updated the tutorial for migrating app workflow rules to explain the step for cloud apps to filter the workflow rules that are yet to be processed.

14 February 2022

Deprecation Notice Enforcing maximum number of endpoints to receive webhook events

On 16 May 2022, we will start to enforce the maximum limit of 5 HTTP registered endpoints to receive webhook events for each combination of appKey and cloud site done via a PUT request.

We have been monitoring the usage of this feature and we expect absolutely no customer impact. Every webhook registration observed in the last several weeks is under the limit we are going to impose.

This change will not impact previously registered endpoints.

14 December 2021

Announcement Reorganised the App migration documentation

We have reorganised the Getting Started page of App migration documentation to make each stage of the process clearer by moving the content out to specific pages.

23 November 2021

Announcement App migration platform public beta version available for Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

19 November 2021

Deprecation Notice Maximum and default page size reduced for get mappings in pages API

From 19 May 2022, the App migration platform will reduce the maximum page size to 1200 for mapping retrieval operations for both server and cloud app.

Read the Deprecation notice for page size of APIs to get the mappings by pages for more information.

22 October 2021

Added New tutorials for migrating from tracker or osgi listeners to Discoverable Listener

We have added two new tutorials to help with migrating from the atlassian-app-cloud-migration-osgi or atlassian-app-cloud-migration-tracker library to the Discoverable Listener.

14 October 2021

Announcement Change in recommended use of Discoverable Listeners

Due to recent issues discovered in Discoverable Listener, at this time it is not recommended for use in production code. It is expected that the fix will be released in the next versions of each Cloud Migration Assistant.

Please watch these tickets for updates

24 September 2021

Announcement New feature displays app migration success in JCMA app assessment

With the latest release of the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, apps are placed in 'stages' based on their demonstrated app migration success rates.

Read our documentation to understand more about how apps are placed in stages, and how the 'Assess your apps' screen displays app stages in the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

21 September 2021

Announcement App migration platform public beta version available for Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

The app migration platform public beta version is now available for Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to use in production.