Last updated Dec 14, 2021

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This page includes release notes and updates about the App migration platform for individuals who develop migration paths to move app data from server/data center to cloud.

Use this page to keep track of new or updated features, deprecations, and bug fixes.

Read our docs on getting support through the right channel.

14 December 2021

Announcement Reorganised the App migration documentation

We have reorganised the Getting Started page of App migration documentation to make each stage of the process clearer by moving the content out to specific pages.

23 November 2021

Announcement App migration platform public beta version available for Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

19 November 2021

Deprecation Notice Maximum and default page size reduced for get mappings in pages API

From 19 May 2022, the App migration platform will reduce the maximum page size to 1200 for mapping retrieval operations for both server and cloud app.

Read the Deprecation notice for page size of APIs to get the mappings by pages for more information.

22 October 2021

Added New tutorials for migrating from tracker or osgi listeners to Discoverable Listener

We have added two new tutorials to help with migrating from the atlassian-app-cloud-migration-osgi or atlassian-app-cloud-migration-tracker library to the Discoverable Listener.

14 October 2021

Announcement Change in recommended use of Discoverable Listeners

Due to recent issues discovered in Discoverable Listener, at this time it is not recommended for use in production code. It is expected that the fix will be released in the next versions of each Cloud Migration Assistant.

Please watch these tickets for updates

24 September 2021

Announcement New feature displays app migration success in JCMA app assessment

With the latest release of the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, apps are placed in 'stages' based on their demonstrated app migration success rates.

Read our documentation to understand more about how apps are placed in stages, and how the 'Assess your apps' screen displays app stages in the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

21 September 2021

Announcement App migration platform public beta version available for Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

The app migration platform public beta version is now available for Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to use in production.

Added Introducing Discoverable Listeners

Starting from Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant 3.2.5 and Jira Cloud Migration Assistant 1.6.2, we are offering a new App Migration Listener that has weaker dependency on OSGi context.

By implementing the Discoverable Listener, your application won’t be affected by Cloud Migration Assistant restarts nor deactivation.

To start using it, import the new library atlassian-app-cloud-migration-listener and follow the instructions at

17 August 2021

Deprecation Notice OSGI and tracker library version changes for server apps

From 17 February 2022, the App migration platform will not be compatible with server apps using:

  • atlassian-app-cloud-migration-osgi library older than version 1.0.0, or

  • atlassian-app-cloud-migration-tracker library older than version 1.26.1

Read the deprecation of old versions of OSGI and tracker libraries for server apps for more information.

30 July 2021

Added Updated dev mode documentation for Cloud Migration Assistants

We have updated the following page about using dev mode in the developer documentation:

27 July 2021

Added Updating documentation

Adjusted sample response in the Request mappings without defining page size of mappings list section.

21 July 2021

Added Migration path readiness checklist for Marketplace Partners

We have added a migration path readiness checklist to the documentation. We strongly recommend that Marketplace Partners use the checklist of steps on this page to assess the readiness of their migration path.

13 July 2021

Added Updating documentation

Apps must use the ‘Progress reporting’ feature as part of building their migration path. This allows apps to display the progress of the migration to customers in the Cloud Migration Assistant user interface. We have updated information in the developer documentation about using the Progress reporting feature.

1 June 2021

Deprecation Notice Deprecation notice for webhookEventType field

From 01 December 2021, the App migration platform will not expose the webhookEventType attribute. As a replacement, you will need to use the eventType attribute.

Read the deprecation notice of webhookEventType values for more information.

Deprecation Notice Progress Endpoint Data Transfer Object (DTO) changes

From 01 December 2021, the App migration platform will not support using the progressStatus and statusMessage attributes to accept migration progress reports. As a replacement, you will need the status and message attributes.

Read the deprecation notice of progress endpoint DTO changes for more information.