Last updated Jul 20, 2022

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Support channels

This page provides various support options available to Marketplace Partners and app developers who use the App migration platform and its APIs.

To request support

When logging a support request through any channel, provide as much context as possible in your request including:

  • your appKey, the versions of Jira and JCMA or Confluence and CCMA
  • specific code examples including your implementation of onStartAppMigration() and related code, if necessary
  • the transferId and time (and timezone) of any migration
  • any curl commands and output with verbose logging
  • any error messages and HTTP responses from Atlassian services
  • any screenshots (capture the entire browser window with the URL in the screenshot)
  • any full stack traces from Jira or Confluence
  • any logs from Jira on packages and or Confluence on package

To make a suggestion

To escalate a critical incident

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