Last updatedMar 17, 2021

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Support channels

This page provides various support options available to Marketplace Partners and app developers who use the App migration platform and its APIs.

To request support

  • Our Developer Support team will be your first point of contact if you need our help. Use the Developer Service Desk if you've encountered a bug or need help using the App migration platform or our APIs.

    • Provide as much context as possible in your request using screenshots, recordings or code examples.
    • The Developer Advocate team may refer your request to the Atlassian development team, or use the Atlassian public issue tracker at to log a bug or suggestion on your behalf.
  • For community support, use the Atlassian Developer Community.

    • Choose the Cloud Migrations category and a member of our team will respond to your request.
  • For help with your Marketplace listing, contact Marketplace Support.

    • Select a relevant option in the Contact us about and What can we help you with? fields that explains the type of support you need.
    • Read our approval guidelines to help you with faster response times.

To make a suggestion

  • Make a suggestion on (JAC). We have enabled permissions on JAC that allow you to make suggestions that are related to your app by creating a ticket in the Migration platform Jira project (MIG) in the following way:

    1. Open the Migration platform Jira project (MIG).
    2. Click Create, and select the Suggestion issue.
    3. Add a detailed description of your suggestion, and complete all the required fields before creating the ticket.
    4. Select Apps - Migration Assistant in the Components field.
    5. Click Create.
  • You can also use the Atlassian Developer Community to make a suggestion. Atlassian may triage your suggestion and create a MIG ticket for the same.

To escalate a critical incident

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