Last updated Feb 27, 2023

Submit a critical incident ticket

This page outlines the steps needed to submit an incident ticket.

To check if the issue you're experiencing is a critical incident see App incident security levels to learn more.

If you are unsure about whether you’re experiencing a critical incident, create a ticket. The Developer Support team will review the reported issue and can update the ticket as needed - and if it’s not an incident they can move it to the right project.

Before you submit an incident ticket

Before you submit a ticket, check whether a similar incident has already been raised:

If you find another public critical incident ticket that matches the issue you’re experiencing, leave a comment in the existing ticket. This helps us more accurately understand the impact of the incident.

Submitting a new ticket for an incident

If the incident isn't already being reported on StatusPage or in a public ticket, go to Developer and Marketplace Support and select Incidents.

You can select one of three incident types:

Incident TypeDescription
Report Product / API IncidentReport a new breaking change on the Atlassian cloud product or platform that is causing a critical failure or malfunction of your Marketplace app in production, causing problems for customers.
Report a Marketplace IncidentReport a critical issue affecting the Atlassian Marketplace platform and your ability to run your business.
Report a Security IncidentReport an actual, or suspected security incident affecting one of your apps.

The fields in the form displayed will depend on the Incident Type you selected.

Make your ticket public or private

Before you submit your ticket, you'll see a visibility field.

By default the field is private, however you can set it to public if you’d like to make the ticket visible to other users.

If you accidentally set the visibility field to public, you can request to “hide” it in the comments.

Next Steps

The Developer and Marketplace Support team will review your ticket ASAP.

The Service Level Objective (SLO) for acknowledging an incident is 4 hours during team operation hours, Monday - Friday CST (UTC-6), 24/5.

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