Last updated Jul 13, 2021


This page provides information about terms used in the docs.

Atlassian Connect
The framework that your cloud app uses to interact with the app migration platform and the cloud products. It also contains all the endpoints for migration.

App cloud migration library
Used to implement the interfaces to enable communication between your server app and the app migration platform.

App migration platform
The set of Atlassian libraries and APIs provided to Marketplace Partners to help them implement their app data migration from server to cloud.

Cloud app
A Marketplace Partner app installed on the cloud site.

A group of steps (transfers) in a migration to fully migrate a group of related entities. For instance, a project container in the context of Jira will contain all the transfers needed to migrate its issues, workflows, attachments, etc. Every migration must contain at least one container. In the context of app migration, each app migration is represented by a container which contains a single transfer. The execution of this transfer is delegated to Marketplace Partners through the app migration platform.

Core data
In the context of the migrations, the Jira or Confluence product data migrated from a server location to a cloud product, prior to app data migration.

A combination of a source and a destination ID for an entity that details how the app migration platform identifies an entity in server and in cloud.

In the context of the app migration platform, this involves moving app data from a server location to a cloud app.

Migration assistant
Can refer to the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) or the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA). Contains all the libraries and functions you'll require to migrate data, and provides a user interface that displays the data to be migrated on a server instance.

Server app
A Marketplace Partner app that's hosted with Jira or Confluence on a user's server instance.

A single step in a migration that processes a collection of uniform entities. Transfers are grouped in containers.

  • Active transfer: A transfer that allows you to make calls to APIs of the app migration platform with a specific transferId for 14 days after you receive the first notification that your server app has been triggered. After the 14-day period, active transfers will expire. The app migration platform will return a 4XX response code to any requests that contain the transferId of an expired transfer.
  • Expired transfer: A transfer for which the 14-day time-limit period has passed. Any request made using the transferId of an expired transfer will return a 4XX response code.
  • Settled transfer: A transfer for which the status is any of SUCCESS,FAILED or INCOMPLETE. Any request made using the transferId of a settled transfer will return a 4XX response code.


Status API
Provides a status of your migration that displays in the Cloud Migration Assistant user interface.

App data retrieval API
Provides endpoints to access files exported from the server (files not exported as part of the migration).

Feedback channel API
Provides endpoints to send information from your cloud app to your server app.

Mapping API
Provides endpoints to retrieve mappings.

Notification API
Provides endpoints to register/deregister your cloud app, and to receive notifications about migration events.

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