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Events can be used to invoke your Forge app without an UI interaction, for example:

  • Jira and Confluence events are generated by user activity in the products. Your app can subscribe to one or more events via the manifest.yml file.
  • Web trigger events are incoming HTTP requests. You can supply these web trigger URLs to invoke your app from a third-party app.

You can also use scheduled triggers to invoke your app on a periodic basis.

Product events

Product events are generated when users perform actions in Atlassian products. Apps can subscribe to a list of product events using a trigger in the manifest.

Events are passed to your app via the event parameter.

export async function run(event, context) {
  console.log("event: " + JSON.stringify(event));
  return true;


  • event: a payload detailing the event. See the documentation for an event for a detailed description of its payload.
  • context: additional information about the context the event occurred in.
    • installContext: an identifier for the Atlassian site the app is installed in.

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