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Forge hosted storage

Forge provides hosted storage capabilities that let you store data in your app installation. These storage capabilities are classified as either persistent or cache.

Each installation of your app is subject to the Storage API's quotas and limits. See Storage quotas and Storage limits for more details.


Use this for long-term storage until you need to delete or overwrite the data. Forge provides the following persistent storage capabilities:

These capabilities encrypt and store data on disk, optimising them for durability and persistence at the expense of performance.

Cache (EAP)

Forge Cache is now available as part of Forge Early Access Program (EAP). To start testing this feature, sign up using this form.

Forge Cache is an experimental feature offered to selected users for testing and feedback purposes. This feature is unsupported and subject to change without notice. Do not use Forge Cache in apps that handle sensitive information and customer data.

For more details, see Forge EAP, Preview, and GA.

Use the Forge Cache to store data temporarily but with faster access speeds (as in, higher throughput and lower latency).

The Forge Cache stores data on memory, optimising it for performance at the expense of persistence. In addition, data stored in Forge Cache is not encrypted. This makes Forge Cache unsuitable for storing sensitive data.

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