Last updated Nov 23, 2021

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What's coming

While the Forge platform is generally available, some functionality will remain in beta. While in beta, we may make changes to such functionality. Some of these updates might break your apps, but we'll provide advance notice when we release breaking changes. These breaking changes won't follow the regular six-month Forge deprecation policy.

Be among the first to try the following functionality in beta.

UI kit

The UI kit is designed for Forge apps with simpler user cases. The UI kit lets you easily build intuitive and familiar interfaces by composing built-in Atlassian components. Hooks and event handlers enable UI kit apps to handle user interactions and return views dynamically from the server, where the UI kit code is executed. Learn more about the UI kit.


Jira custom field

This module lets you create a new custom field in Jira, which makes it easier for users to add information to issues, specific to their teams' needs. Learn more about the Jira custom field module.

Jira custom field type

This module lets you create a new custom field type in Jira, which lets Jira administrators create new custom fields based on that type. Learn more about the Jira custom field type module.

Jira workflow validator

This module creates a workflow validator that can be configured on workflow transitions in company-managed projects. Learn more about the Jira workflow validator module.

Web trigger

This module invokes a function as the result of an HTTP request. To obtain a URL to call a web trigger, first define a webtrigger module, and then run forge webtrigger in the Forge CLI.

Note that while in beta, web triggers only work for the developer of the app. Learn more about the web trigger module.

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