Last updated Jul 12, 2023

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Modules are defined in the manifest, and they describe how Forge apps extend and interact with Atlassian products.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Forge modules:

  • Create new custom fields in Jira
  • Add new menu items in Jira issues
  • Display app content in Confluence pages and blogs
  • Create Confluence custom content, such as templates, forms, or macros
  • Use webhooks to listen for events

Some Forge modules remain in beta. While in beta, we may make changes that might break your apps. Learn more about the Forge deprecation policy, and what this means for functionality in beta.


Here's an example of how modules appear in the manifest.yml file.

    - key: hello-world-macro
      function: hello-world-macro-func
      title: Hello world macro!
      description: Inserts hello world!
    - key: webtrigger-sync
      function: my-forge-app-sync-func
    - key: my-webtrigger-async
      function: my-async-func
    - key: issue-creation-trigger
        - avi:jira:created:issue
        - avi:jira:updated:issue
      function: issue-trigger-func
    - key: my-forge-workflow-validator
      name: My example Forge workflow validator
      description: The description of my example Forge workflow validator
      function: my-forge-validator-function
    - key: my-forge-app-sync-func
      handler: index.runSync
    - key: my-async-func
      handler: index.runAsync
    - key: hello-world-macro-func
    - key: issue-trigger-func
      handler: jira.issueCreationTrigger
    - key: my-forge-validator-function
      handler: index.runValidate

Reference documentation

To learn more, check out the modules reference documentation.

Connect module equivalents

This functionality is an alpha release.

Before using a Connect module for your Forge app, check first if it already has an equivalent Forge module. Whenever possible, we strongly recommend that you use Forge modules for Forge apps.

A Forge app can include Connect modules and a Connect key. This is intended to ease the transition from Connect to Forge. See Migrate an app from Connect to Forge for more information.

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