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Confluence space page

The confluence:spacePage module displays content in place of a Confluence page. Each module appears as a link in the space navigation menu, and the title of each module is used as the title of the link. When a user clicks a link, the corresponding Forge app renders inside the content area of Confluence.

The URL is updated with the following app information in the form of: /spaces/:spaceKey/apps/:appId/:forgeEnvId/:route. You can configure :route in the manifest.

In the app, the SpacePage component should be used as a top-level component.





A key for the module, which other modules can refer to. Must be unique within the manifest.

Regex: ^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+$

functionstringThe space page module requires either a function for usage with the UI kit, or a resource when building with custom UI.A reference to the function module that defines the Confluence space page app.
resourcestringA reference to the static resources entry that your Confluence space page app wants to display. See resources for more details.
resolver{ function: string }Contains a function property, which references the function module that defines the configuration of resource. Can only be set if the module is using the resource property.
titlestringYesThe title of the space page app, displayed as a link title.

The URL of the icon that's displayed as an icon next to the link title. A generic app icon is displayed if no icon is provided.


A string of text that makes the URL of the browser more readable. Inside an app, each space page module must have a distinct route.

Regex: ^[0-9a-z-]+$

Extension context

Custom UI

typestringThe type of the module.

UI kit

typestringThe type of the module.

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