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This module now has support for UI Kit 2 (preview) for faster user experiences and to access additional React features.

For more information on all the supported modules, see the Supported products and their modules section.

Forge remote capabilities are now in preview.

Where indicated, some content in this topic applies only to these preview capabilities.

Confluence content action

The confluence:contentAction module adds a menu item to the more actions (•••) menu for pages and blogs. When the menu item is clicked, the module’s function renders a modal dialog.

See the ContentAction component documentation for more information.

Example of a Content action button

Example of a Content action with the above sample code





A key for the module, which other modules can refer to. Must be unique within the manifest.

Regex: ^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+$

functionstringThe content action module requires either a function for usage with the UI kit, or a resource when building with custom UI.A reference to the function module that defines the content action. This function must return the ContentAction component, which renders the modal dialog for its content.
resourcestringA reference to the static resources entry that your content action wants to display. See resources for more details.
render'native'Yes for UI Kit 2Indicates if the module is a UI Kit 2 module.
resolver{ function: string } or
{ endpoint: string }

Set the function property if you are using a hosted function module for your resolver.

Set the endpoint property if you are using Forge remote (preview) to integrate with a remote back end.

Can only be set if the module is using the resource property.

viewportSize'small', 'medium', 'large' or 'xlarge'The display size of resource. Can only be set if the module is using the resource property. Remove this property to enable automatic resizing of the module.
titlestringYesThe title of the content action, which is displayed as a menu item.
descriptionstringThe description of the content action.
displayConditionsobjectThe object that defines whether or not a module is displayed in the UI of the app. See display conditions.
keyboardShortcutobjectThe object that defines a keyboard shortcut to trigger this module. See keyboard shortcuts.

Extension context

Custom UI

typestringThe type of the module.

UI kit

typestringThe type of the module.

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