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This section describes a Forge preview feature. Preview features are deemed stable; however, they remain under active development and may be subject to shorter deprecation windows. Preview features are suitable for early adopters in production environments.

We release preview features so partners and developers can study, test, and integrate them prior to General Availability (GA). For more information, see Forge release phases: EAP, Preview, and GA.

About UI Kit 2

UI Kit 2, our latest offering for building the user interface of your Forge app, brings a range of new features and benefits. It provides the same benefits of UI kit, such as native rendering and ease of use, but with enhanced performance and features.

With UI Kit 2, user interactions become faster than what is currently possible in UI kit. Your app no longer needs to invoke a lambda function on every state change.

Performance features include:


Explore UI Kit 2 components, which are reusable building blocks designed to streamline the development of user interfaces.

React runtime

UI Kit 2 runs the app in a React runtime which enables you to use some React features. For more information on the React features that you can use, see React runtime documentation.

API requests

Making API requests in UI Kit 2 is similar to Custom UI because they share a similar frontend/backend architecture. In contrast to UI kit, where all requests are made from the lambda. For more information on how you can make product and non-product requests, see API requests for more information.

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