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Jira UI bridge

The Jira UI bridge is a JavaScript API that enables custom UI apps to securely integrate with Jira.

Install the Jira UI bridge using the @forge/jira-bridge npm package. Import @forge/jira-bridge using a bundler, such as Webpack.

You can start by creating a new app from one of the custom UI templates. In the static/hello-world directory, run npm install && npm build to bundle the static web application template with the Jira UI bridge into the static/hello-world/build directory. Use this directory as the resource path in the Forge app's manifest.yml.

In the template, use the bridge in static/hello-world/src/App.js like this:

import { ViewIssueModal } from '@forge/jira-bridge';

const viewIssueModal = new ViewIssueModal({
  context: {
    issueKey: 'CS-15',


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