Product REST APIs
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Product REST APIs

Forge apps can use the following product REST APIs:

To call a product REST API using the Authenticated Product Fetch APIs the operation must support OAuth 2.0 authentication. In the product API documentation, this is shown by the OAuth scopes required field, which documents the required OAuth 2.0 scope for that operation.

Calling an unsupported operation with asUser() returns a 401 error.

Jira Cloud REST API version 2 is not supported by the forge lint command. Only /rest/api/3 paths are supported.

Product fetch API

The fetch API also enables you to make requests to Atlassian product APIs through the following endpoints:

OAuth 2.0 scopes

Scopes define the operations that an app is permitted to use in a product REST API.

See Add scopes to call an Atlassian REST API for instructions on how to add scopes to Forge apps, or Scopes for the list of supported OAuth 2.0 scopes.

GraphQL APIs

Products such as Compass use the Atlassian platform GraphQL API rather than a REST API. To call GraphQL APIs from a Forge app, use Forge's requestGraph method.

As an alternative to requestGraph, Compass also provides a GraphQL API Toolkit for commonly used calls to the GraphQL API.

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