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About Forge

Forge is an app development platform designed to revolutionize how Atlassian cloud products are customized, extended, and integrated. Forge is in beta, so you'll be among the first to try new features as we make changes. While in beta, we'll be changing Forge frequently. Some of these updates may break your apps, but we will provide advance notice when we release breaking changes. These breaking changes won't follow Atlassian's regular six-month deprecation policy.

There are many things to love about Forge:

  • Build apps, not infrastructure: Write an app in minutes while the platform takes care of security, compute, and storage.
  • Maintenance, simplified: Keep apps and customizations up-to-date without the heavy-lifting.
  • The complete development toolkit: From testing to deploying, our Functions-as-a-Service platform has DevOps requirements covered.
  • Achieve more with extensibility: Run apps in Jira and Confluence today (with more on the way!).

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What you can build

People are already building some fantastic apps with Forge. See Example apps for the full list of example apps and links to their code. These are some of our favorites so far.

Issue translator app for Jira

Work across languages by adding translation options to your Jira issues. This app integrates with a third-party API to translate the issue and displays the result.

The Jira issue contains a section with buttons to represent different languages. When a user selects a language, the issue information is displays in that language.

Per-user issue limits app for Jira

Balance everyone’s workloads by setting limits on the number of issues a user can work on at a time. This app automates your project’s workflow when you add the app as a validator.

A user moves multiple issues to in progress. The forth issue is blocked because the user has reached the issue limit.

Feedback app for Confluence and Jira

Ask for feedback on a Confluence page and track the feedback in a Jira project. This app adds a macro to a Confluence page and creates issues in the Jira project you configure.

A user configures the feedback macro to connect a Jira project. The user then uses the macro to leave feedback on the page and sees a corresponding Jira issue created.


We're building Forge to support the biggest use-cases in our most popular products to extend, Jira and Confluence. The use-cases include automation, integration, reporting, macros, and forms.

These are the capabilities we've built so far.


  • Issue actions: display content in the more actions (...) menu on pages.
  • Issue glances: display content in the sidebar of Jira issues in the new issue view.
  • Issue panels: display content above the activity panel of Jira issues in the new issue view.
  • Workflow validators: check the state of issues before they transition.


  • Content actions: display content in the more actions (...) menu on pages.
  • Content byline item: display content in the content byline section, which is the area under the page title.
  • Context menu: display content when a user selects text on a page.
  • Global settings: display content in Confluence global settings.
  • Homepage feed: display content in a separate section on the Confluence Home page.
  • Macros: display dynamic content in Confluence pages.
  • Space settings: display content in a tab inside the integration settings of a Confluence space.

Platform (Jira and Confluence):

  • Triggers: consume events emitted by Atlassian products (the FaaS equivalent of webhooks).
  • Web triggers: expose a function to the internet for third-party invocation.

If you need capabilities we don't support yet, check back soon!

Latest updates

Forge is under active development and we're releasing new capabilities as we build them. Some of these updates may break your apps, but we will provide advance notice when we release breaking changes.

  • See Changelog for details of important changes.
  • Join the #release-notes channel in the Forge Slack workspace for notifications about changes. See Slack workspace to join the Forge Slack workspace.
  • See Beta limitations for known issues.

Help and feedback

We’re shipping early and often to learn from your experience and shape the future of our platform. We’d love to hear any feedback you have so we can make Forge better.

  • See Give feedback for information about how to give feedback on Forge.
  • See Get help for how to get help with using Forge.
  • Join the Slack workspace to get help, chat with other developers, and share what you build.

Get started

Set up your development environment and build a Forge app.

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