Last updated Jul 23, 2021

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About Forge

Atlassian's Forge illustration

Welcome to Forge!

Forge is an app development platform designed to revolutionize how Atlassian cloud products are customized, extended, and integrated.

There are many things to love about Forge:

  • Build apps, not infrastructure: Write an app in minutes while the platform takes care of security, compute, and storage.
  • Maintenance, simplified: Keep apps and customizations up-to-date without the heavy-lifting.
  • The complete development toolkit: From testing to deploying, our Functions-as-a-Service platform has DevOps requirements covered.
  • Achieve more with extensibility: Run apps in Jira and Confluence today (with more on the way!).
  • Share your apps quickly and easily: Use the developer console to distribute your apps to users.

New to building apps for Atlassian cloud products? Check out our Cloud development platform overview.

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What's possible with Forge?

Developers are already building revolutionary apps with Forge. Check out some of our Codegeist 2020 winners below.

Scrum Maister

Scrum Maister is an intelligent helper that revolutionizes agile development through AI-powered issue grooming, sprint analytics and retrospectives.

Learn more about Scrum Maister

Visualize with AWS

Visualize with AWS enables users to use a variety of declarative diagram rendering engines, such as Vega, Vega-Lite, PlantUML, Mermaid, and Graphviz, to visualize any kind of data.

Learn more about Visualize with AWS

Ready to build your own Forge app?

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Atlassian example apps

Explore the apps below to learn how Atlassian develops Forge apps.

Issue translator app for Jira

Work across languages by adding translation options to your Jira issues. This app integrates with a third-party API to translate the issue and displays the result.

The Jira issue contains a section with buttons to represent different languages. When a user selects a language, the issue information is displays in that language.

Feedback app for Confluence and Jira

Ask for feedback on a Confluence page and track the feedback in a Jira project. This app adds a macro to a Confluence page and creates issues in the Jira project you configure.

A user configures the feedback macro to connect a Jira project. The user then uses the macro to leave feedback on the page and sees a corresponding Jira issue created.

To see even more Forge apps and how they're built, check out the code in our example apps.

Is Forge right for you?

Forge is one of many platforms available to build Atlassian cloud apps today. While we’re working to make Forge the leading platform for building Atlassian apps, some particular use cases can currently only be supported by the functionality offered by our other cloud platforms and frameworks.

Before you start building on Forge, read our Cloud development platform overview to see whether Forge is right for your particular use case, or whether it’s currently better served by Atlassian Connect or external apps and integrations.

How is a Forge app built?

Follow along as we develop a Forge app using a Confluence macro to display a world map and a configuration form for highlighting a specific country.

Latest updates

Forge is under active development and we're releasing new capabilities as we build them. Some of these updates may break your apps, but we will provide advance notice when we release breaking changes.

Help and feedback

We’re shipping early and often to learn from your experience and shape the future of our platform. We’d love to hear any feedback you have so we can make Forge better.

Start building

Set up your development environment and build a Forge app.

An image that links to the Getting started page

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