Last updated Mar 9, 2022

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Example apps

Example apps are a great way to see what you can build with Forge. Explore the apps listed below to learn how Atlassian develops Forge apps.

Before you begin

You'll need the Forge CLI set up and running. Learn more about getting started. When the CLI is running, clone an example app repository so you can explore and customize the code locally:

  1. Click an example app repository.
  2. Clone the repository.
  3. Open your command line, and navigate to the example app code.
  4. Open the file and follow the quickstart instructions.

At any time, refer back to the Jira and Confluence getting started guides or view the Tutorials and guides page for more information.

Note, the forge register command creates a unique app ID in the manifest.yml file and links the ID to the current developer. Forge apps can currently only be deployed and installed by the developer who is linked to the app.

Compass details app

Displays details about various Compass entities on pages in the Compass component side navigation

Compass web trigger app

Creates a web trigger to receive and display a message of the day on the Compass admin page for the app.

Currency exchange app

Adds a custom field to a Jira issue that returns the total value of one or more currency amounts exchanged into a common currency. For example, you could enter currency amounts in euros and US dollars to display the total in Australian dollars. If no currency values are provided the field displays "No values yet." This message is applied using the context configuration.


DACI helper app

Adds a Confluence macro that inspects the page and identifies missing, inconsistent, or incorrect information based on the DACI Confluence template.


Dictionary app

Displays the definition of the selected text in an inline dialog. If the definition doesn't exist, the user can submit a new one.


External authentication with AWS Cognito

Displays the user profile values from an AWS Cognito user pool in a Confluence code block using external authentication for the API requests.


External authentication with Google Photos

Displays photos from Google Photos in Confluence using external authentication for the API requests.


Feedback collector app

Adds a form to collect feedback on a Confluence page. When a user submits feedback, a Jira issue is created with the details.


Issue alerting app

Adds a Jira issue panel that displays SignalFx alert details, alert charts, and links to view the alert in SignalFx.


Issue countries app

Adds an issue panel that displays a world map, where the highlighted countries are related to the current issue that's selected via a custom field.


Issue health app

Adds a Jira issue glance that displays the health of the issue. The app determines the issue health from the number of issues blocked, number of days without updates, and how many sprints have contained the issue. The app has configuration panel that is placed in admin pages.


Issue translator app

Adds a Jira issue panel that translates the contents of an issue into a range of different languages using the Azure Translator Text API.


Page approver app

Allows the easy approval or rejection of a Confluence page using the Confluence content byline item module.


QA demo validator

Adds a Jira issue glance that shows whether or not all required testing areas have been checked during QA demos. You can create and customize a checklist that contains the required testing areas per project.


Risk assessment custom field

Adds a risk assessment custom field that you can configure on your issue screens in company-managed projects.


Simple sign-up app

Adds a sign-up form to a Confluence page.


Todo app

Adds a simple todo list to a Jira issue for simple tasks that do not require a description, tracking, or workflow.


Wheel of fortune app

Displays a wheel on a Confluence page that spins to make a random choice. You set the options for the wheel using a table on the page.


JQL editor app

Adds a JQL editor to any Jira project page. This editor visualizes the statuses of all issues matching a query.


Project subpages app

Subpages enable you to split a Jira admin, global, project, or project settings page into several pages. This app renders a hierarchy of subpages in Jira's sidebar.


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