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The Forge platform

Forge is Atlassian’s cloud app development platform, allowing developers to host apps on infrastructure that is provisioned, managed, monitored, and scaled automatically by Atlassian. Forge provides a complete toolkit for extending Atlassian products.

Forge apps are built in JavaScript; however, the environment differs a little from a traditional Node.js environment. Learn more

Below is a diagram demonstrating the Forge platform architecture.

Forge Architecture diagram

Forge runtime

At the heart of Forge is a serverless FaaS hosting platform, powered by AWS Lambda. Apps created with Forge run inside a security layer that enforces tenancy isolation and data egress restriction by design.

Learn more about the Forge runtime

Learn more about security for Forge apps

Forge resolver

The Forge resolver is a function that provides a backend for apps that use UI Kit or Custom UI to implement the user experience of an app. Use of the resolver is optional, but it's useful if you need to run some app logic server-side instead of client-side.

Learn more about the Forge resolver


A Forge app can subscribe to events or set up an HTTP endpoint to invoke a function within the app without any user interaction.

Learn more about events

Forge storage

Forge's hosted storage lets you store data partitioned by Atlassian product and site. Hosted storage also provides data residency features that allow admins to control where app data is hosted.

Learn more about Forge storage

Product frontend

Modules are used by Forge apps to extend and interact with Atlassian products.

Forge offers two options for building the user interface of your apps: Custom UI and the UI Kit. Both custom UI and UI Kit apps inherit modern security features to ensure high trust between Atlassian, developers, and users.

Custom UI

Custom UI provides a means of building the user interface of an app from scratch. Custom UI runs within an iframe, providing an isolated environment for the app's interface to be displayed. Learn more about Custom UI

UI Kit

The UI Kit is a flexible declarative language that allows you to build user interfaces across Atlassians products with just a few lines of code. Learn more about the latest UI Kit

Forge bridge

The Product bridge API is a JavaScript API that enables UI Kit and custom UI apps to securely integrate with Atlassian products.

Learn more about the Product bridge API

Product APIs

Forge apps can use the Atlassian product REST APIs using the fetch API, a partial implementation of node-fetch.

Learn more about the Product REST APIs

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