Last updated Feb 23, 2024

User interface

Forge offers two options for building the user interface of your apps: custom UI and the UI kit. These options differ in terms of the complexity of the interactions and visual features that they cater for. Both custom UI and UI kit apps inherit modern security features to ensure high trust between Atlassian, developers, and users.

Custom UI

Custom UI is designed for complex use cases and increased developer flexibility. Using custom UI, you can define your own user interface using static resources, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, icons, and images. The Forge platform hosts your static resources, enabling your app to display custom UI on Atlassian products.

UI kit

The UI kit is designed for Forge apps with simpler user cases. The UI kit lets you easily build intuitive and familiar interfaces by composing built-in Atlassian components. Hooks and event handlers enable UI kit apps to handle user interactions and return views dynamically from the server, where the UI kit code is executed.

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