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Last updatedApr 6, 2020

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Forge apps are able to store, retrieve, and delete data from storage in Atlassian's cloud using two different APIs.

App storage

The app storage API is an untyped key-value storage API which enables your app to store data for specific Jira or Confluence sites. The app storage API stores data partitioned by product and site, and is accessible only to your app.

The app storage API requires your app to have the storage:app scope. See Add scopes to call an Atlassian REST API guide to add new scopes to your app.

The app storage API is currently experimental, and as such may have some missing functionality and rough edges.

Let us know how you go and what issues you encounter, so we can ensure the app storage API meets the needs of your apps.


Properties are a set of APIs backed by entity properties in Jira and content properties in Confluence. These APIs allow your app to store and retrieve data for a specific Jira or Confluence site. This data is accessible to all apps installed within the site as well as users.

Forge UI modules

Use UI hooks in Forge UI modules.

Note, if you’re storing data relating to a particular instance of a Forge macro, you should use Forge macro configuration. Macro configuration enables different instances of the macro that appear on the same page or blog to store their data separately.

Other modules

Use the Properties API in the runtime for modules that don't provide Forge UI.

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