Last updated Nov 10, 2020

App storage options

Forge apps can store, retrieve, and delete data in Atlassian's cloud, either through Forge hosted storage or through each product.

Forge hosted storage

Forge's hosted storage lets you store data partitioned by Atlassian product and site. You can use it to store data in simple or complex data structures, accessible only to your app. Forge provides a Storage API for managing and querying stored data.

Forge’s hosted storage also provides data residency features that allow admins to control where app data is hosted. This allows your app to support data residency simply by storing all in-scope End-User Data exclusively on Forge hosted storage. See Data residency for more information.

Product REST APIs

Previously, Forge supported the Properties API for storing app data for Jira and Confluence. This API is now deprecated, and will be removed on May 1, 2024. You should now interact with properties through each product's respective REST API instead.

Forge can also use product-specific APIs to store and retrieve data for Atlassian Cloud sites and workspaces. This data is accessible to all apps installed within the site (as well as users). See product REST APIs for more details.

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