Last updated Oct 1, 2021

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Connect module equivalents

This page discusses Forge modules that have equivalent modules in the Connect framework. The tables below show the Forge modules that have already been released, as well as the ones that are upcoming on our engineering roadmap.

Released modules

This table shows Connect modules with equivalent Forge modules that have already been released.

Connect moduleForge moduleForge module description
Cross Product
webhook (Confluence) (Jira)triggerThe trigger module invokes a function when a product event is fired. For example, as the result of an issue being created in Jira.
adminPagesjira:adminPageThe jira:adminPage module adds an item in the Apps section of the left navigation of Jira admin settings. When the item is clicked, content is rendered on a new Jira page.
jiraIssueFieldjira:customField (beta)The jira:customField module creates a new custom field in Jira, which makes it easier for users to add information to issues, specific to their teams' needs.
jira.issue.toolsjira:issueActionThe jira:issueAction module adds a menu item to the more actions ••• menu on the issue view. When the menu item is clicked, the module’s function renders a modal dialog.




The jira:issueGlance module adds an issue glance to Jira, which is content that is shown/hidden in an issue by clicking a button. The button for the issue glance is placed alongside fields such as Assignee and Labels.

The jira:issueActivity module adds an item to the Activity panel of Jira issues.


jira:issuePanelThe jira:issuePanel module adds an issue panel to a Jira issue when a configured button is clicked. The content of the module is shown above the Activity panel on a Jira issue.
jiraWorkflowValidatorsjira:workflowValidator (beta)The jira:workflowValidator module creates a workflow validator that can be configured on workflow transitions in company-managed projects.

jira:projectPageThe ProjectPage component renders content on a Jira page, which can be accessed from an option in the Apps section of the left navigation of Jira company-managed project settings.

macroThe macro module inserts dynamic content into the user interface via an editor. Editor macros are only compatible with the Atlassian editor. All cloud sites use the Atlassian editor by default.
contentBylineItemsconfluence:contentBylineItemThe confluence:contentBylineItem module adds an entry to the content byline section, which is the part of the content under the title that includes metadata about contributors and more.
adminPagesconfluence:globalSettingsThe confluence:globalSettings module adds a link to the left navigation menu in Confluence global settings.

Upcoming modules

This table shows Connect modules that have equivalent Forge modules on our engineering roadmap. Note, being on the roadmap does not guarantee the release of these equivalent modules.

Connect moduleConnect module description
Cross Product

(Confluence) (Jira)
generalPages have no extra styling and by default a link to the page is displayed in the main navigation menu. Use these pages in order to display general content.

(Confluence) (Jira)
A "Get Started" button will link to this page from both the app's entry in Manage Add-ons and from the dialog that the user is shown when they successfully install the app.

(Confluence) (Jira)
A "Configure" button will link to this page from the app's entry in Manage Add-ons. Use this page to provide configuration of the app itself.
jiraWorkflowPostFunctionsPost functions carry out any additional processing required after a Jira workflow transition is executed.
jiraReportsAllow apps to define a new report, which is linked from a project page.
jiraWorkflowConditionsDefines a condition that can be added to workflow transitions.
jiraBackgroundSciptsAllows your app to execute its required functionality without adding unnecessary UI elements to the issue view.
jiraGlobalPermissionsAllows add-ons to define custom global permissions.
jiraProjectPermissionsAllows add-ons to define custom project permissions.
spaceToolsTabsEnables apps to insert tabs into Confluence Space Tools area.

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