Last updated Jul 5, 2022

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This changelog is the source of truth for all changes to the Forge platform that affect people developing Forge apps.

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5 July 2022

Deprecation Notice "contextId" field in Custom field type extension context

The contextId field in the extension context of the Custom field type module is deprecated and replaced with configurationId. The new field contains the same value as contextId previously did.

We’re changing this up to avoid confusion around the nomenclature contextId, which may be mistakenly interpreted as the ID of a field context. Instead, we’re referring to the ID of a field configuration here.

The contextId field will be removed on Nov 1, 2022.

Announcement Getting started tutorial for Jira Service Management

The documentation now contains a getting started tutorial for Jira Service Management. The tutorial takes you through adding a page to a Jira Service Management Queues section to display the number of queues in the project.

See Build a Jira Service Management hello world app to work through the tutorial.

Added Forge CLI now lints correct scope when Jira Software and Jira Service Management REST APIs are used

Forge CLI now lints correct scope when Jira Software and Jira Service Management REST APIs are used.

The scope checks are based on the OpenAPI specifications:

Added New Jira workflow condition Forge module

We’ve introduced the jira:workflowCondition Forge module. You can now configure your own workflow conditions using Jira expressions.

See the Jira workflow condition documentation for more details.

Additionally, we’ve introduced a new avi:jira:failed:expression Jira event you can subscribe to using a trigger module. This event is generated whenever an app-registered Forge workflow validator or Forge workflow condition based on a Jira expression fails while executing.

See the Jira expressions events documentation for more details.

Added Add support for UI modifications to the global issue create form in Jira

We’ve added the UI modifications extension point for Jira. It enables you to modify fields on the global issue create (GIC) form. The possible modifications include hiding fields, changing their labels, and more.

There is a corresponding JS API for custom UI which can be found in the @forge/jira-bridge package.

You can apply UI modifications to the following GIC fields:

  • summary

  • description

  • labels

  • assignee

  • priority

Added Updated Forge CLI to better support classic scopes for JSM APIs

We've updated the Forge CLI to align the experience of upgrading and uninstalling JSM apps for classic or granular scopes. Now, for JSM Forge apps, the Forge CLI does not show JSM as an option when you upgrade and uninstall the app. When the apps are installed, upgraded, or uninstalled in Jira the changes are reflected in JSM.

For more information on classic or granular scopes, see the Jira or JSM Scopes for OAuth 2.0 (3LO) and Forge apps pages.

4 July 2022

Announcement Retry app and platform level errors with Forge product events

The Forge platform will now retry product event triggers that did not execute successfully. This includes errors such as timeouts, out-of-memory errors and app-level errors.

For more information on how you can increase the reliability of the product events, see Retry product events.

28 June 2022

Announcement Storage API resource limits raised

We’ve raised Forge’s Storage API operation limits in response to requests from developers. See Storage API operation limits per installation for more details.

24 June 2022

Announcement Web trigger creation in the Forge CLI

We’ve updated how you create web trigger URLs in the Forge CLI to improve product security. You now need product admin access permissions in the product instance on the site where the web trigger app is installed.

22 June 2022

Added New security requirements for cloud applications

We have updated our security requirements for cloud applications, added new security requirements, and categorized requirements by app type and security requirement type. All cloud applications in the Atlassian Marketplace must adhere to the updated requirements by October 31, 2022.

Please see the blog post and FAQ page accompanying this announcement for more details, as well as this document for specific updates.

21 June 2022

Fixed Fix for custom field inline edit on create issue view in the jira:customFieldType module

When using the jira:customFieldType module in UI kit, inline editing of custom fields on the issue create view wasn't enabled. As a result, the modal had to be used.

We corrected this behavior. Inline editing is now available on the issue create view for both the jira:customFieldType and the jira:customField module.

16 June 2022

Added Jira status management REST API - changes

We’ve changed the permissions required for bulk get statuses and search statuses paginated. We’ve also added the option to filter by status category in search statuses paginated.

More details

The permissions required for bulk get statuses and search statuses paginated are now:

We’ve also added the option to filter the results by status category: TODO, IN_PROGRESS, DONE.

14 June 2022

Announcement Added support for issue view refresh

Custom UI apps rendered within an issue view screen may now use the refresh method to update the view without performing a full-page reload.

9 June 2022

Announcement Relaxed key constraint and improved error handling for properties API

We have relaxed our key validation in @forge/api's properties API to allow the period character .. We also now propagate 400 and 401 errors from the underlying API when using the get method to ease debugging.

Run npm install @forge/api@latest on the command line to install the latest version of @forge/api.

Fixed Updated extension context for UI kit Jira Service Management modules

More details

The following property names and type have changed for the UI kit components:



Property names









Property type

page property name which had the number property type

page property name to string property type