Last updated Aug 4, 2023

View app storage

App storage lets you view the storage usage of a Forge app across development and staging environments of a site where the app is installed. Storage information is accessible to app admins and contributors on the developer console if an app is storing data using the app storage API.

To view app storage:

  1. Access the developer console.
  2. In the left menu, select Storage.
  3. Select the relevant site where the app is installed.
  4. Select the relevant environment.

The screen shows the storage usage of an app for a selected site.

Storage usage for a selected site

Storage usage

You can view both unencrypted and encrypted storage that an app is using per environment per site where the app is installed:

  • Unencrypted storage usage: Displays the total size of unencrypted data that the app is storing for a selected site.
  • Encrypted storage usage: Displays the total size of encrypted data that the app is storing for a selected site. Encrypted data usually takes up more space than unencrypted data since each data point is encrypted separately.

Unencrypted storage data

The table contains a list of the keys and values used in unencrypted storage:


Use these filters to refine your storage:

  • Site: Narrows down storage usage based on the site where your app is installed, for example

    You can’t filter by product. For example, you can’t narrow down storage usage just for Jira instances on a particular site.

  • Environment: Narrows down the storage for a specific app environment for your Forge app.

Unencrypted storage is shown for the selected environment of a selected site. To see the unencrypted storage usage of another site, select the site and the corresponding environment.


The storage access functionality in the developer console is an evolving feature. We're exploring ways to improve and overcome the following limitations:

  • Storage filters don't allow for multi-select.
  • Encrypted storage cannot be accessed.
  • Unencrypted storage does not show data for production environment.

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