Last updated Jun 14, 2022

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Manage your apps

You can securely manage all your Forge and OAuth 2.0 (3LO) apps in one place using the Atlassian developer console.

View your apps

The developer console lets you view information about your Forge and 3LO apps, including their scopes and environments.

To access the console:

  1. From any page on, select your profile icon in the top-right corner.
  2. From the drop-down, select Developer console.

Your existing Forge and 3LO apps are listed in the order that they were created. 3LO apps are displayed with a 3LO lozenge.

Connect apps are not listed in the console. To learn more about your platform and framework options for building apps, see the Cloud development platform overview.

The following details are listed:

  • App name: the name of your app
  • Distribution status:
    • Sharing: your app can be shared with others
    • Not sharing: your app can't be shared with others
  • Updated on: the time and date you created your app or updated its settings

You can search for an app using the search bar above the app table.

View Forge app details

Select any Forge app on the My apps screen to get more information about it, including app ID, environments, and permissions.

The Overview page displays the following panels:

  • App details
    • App ID: The identifier for your Forge app
    • App environments: The three available environments for your Forge app
    • Currently deployed to: Which of the three environments your Forge app is currently deployed to
  • Permissions
    • API scopes: the API scopes currently included in your Forge app’s manifest file. See View Forge app permissions below for more information.

Select Settings in the left menu to view your Forge app’s name, platform type, and avatar.

View Forge app permissions

You can view the level of access your Forge app has to an Atlassian user’s account by selecting Permissions in the left menu, or selecting the Permissions panel.

The Permissions page lists the APIs included in your Forge app, where you have added at least one scope from that API to your app's manifest file.

To see the individual scopes for an API, select View.

Note, you can’t configure scopes for a Forge app from the developer console. To add scopes, see Add scopes to call an Atlassian REST API.

To learn more about Forge app permissions, see Security. For more information about individual scopes, see Permissions.

Create and edit Forge apps

Any new Forge apps you create using the CLI appear in the console, and any changes you make to existing Forge apps using the CLI are reflected in the console.

Delete Forge apps

The process of deleting Forge apps varies, depending on whether you've listed your app on the Atlassian Marketplace or you've distributed your app via the developer console.

Go to the following sections, depending on the status of your app:

Delete a Forge app listing on the Marketplace

By listing a Forge app on the Atlassian Marketplace, the app effectively becomes one of the following:

  • a paid via Atlassian app, if you listed it as a paid app
  • a free app, if you listed it as a free app

To delete a paid via Atlassian Forge app, see the Paid via Atlassian cloud apps only documentation. To delete a free Forge app, see the Free apps documentation.

For both paid via Atlassian and free apps, there are end-of-life (EOL) terms to consider when deleting the app from the Marketplace. The EOL terms only apply to apps with active customers. See Manual retiring of apps for more details.

Delete a directly distributed Forge app

You can delete the app via the console if the app is not installed on a site.

  1. Access the developer console.
  2. Select the app that you want to delete.
  3. Go to Settings in the left menu, and select Delete app.

If the app is currently installed on a site, do one of the following:

If you created Forge apps using Atlassian accounts based on aliases of the same email, then the list of apps for each account is treated independently. This means you need to uninstall the apps from each account individually.

For example, if you have an Atlassian account associated with, you can create separate Atlassian accounts based on aliases of the account, such as and If you signed up for Forge and created apps on all of these accounts, you need to uninstall the apps for each individual account.

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